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3 Bad Blogging Bloopers Your Business Must Avoid

If you are already trying to blog your way to business success but are having a bit of a nightmare, don’t worry too much because you have lots of company. There are countless blogs out there all trying to encourage traffic to divert across to their business websites, and some of them even succeed. The problem behind blogging issues is usually the fact that it is so easy to get one up and running these days, and the finer details seem to get left behind somehow. Getting your brand noticed is far from straightforward and we’ll look at the 3 most common mistakes that bloggers just like you are making every day. But don’t panic because you can always start over and have another go, most of us learn from our mistakes and become wiser as a result.


Blog and Brand are Unconnected

Your blog may be the coolest place to shoot the virtual breeze but if the connection between your content and your brand is tenuous at best, you will fail. They don’t have to be the exact mirror image of each other, but the theme should have a fairly obvious connection. Otherwise the link to your business website will look rather obvious and out of place. Think about what your audience are interested in with regards to topics that can be connected to your service or products. It may take a little brainstorming but you should get there in the end, if you can’t think of anything, perhaps you don’t know your own business as well as you thought.


Opinions That Are Not Backed Up With Facts

You can get away with a bit of blagging in the bar or even at the sports match, but ty it on your blog and you will be found out in a heartbeat. The internet is full of people who tell lies, and these people usually have no friends. You need to come across as an expert and this means having facts and evidence to substantiate your postings. Quote any insightful observations from other experts by all means, just remember to offer a source as well. Dropping anecdotes is an engaging way to spark a conversation, as long as you have personal and official stats to bring into play when your audience are interested in more than heresay.


Lack of Focus

If your blog is all about warehouse space for lease toronto facts and figures, remember to keep that in mind at all times. If you start to wander too far from the path, your audience will become confused. Remember that your blog is a digital representation of your real life bland and if people start to notice a certain flakiness about the whole thing, they will also start doubting that your business is up to scratch. No matter how many strings there may be to your bow, remember to keep that under wraps as far as your business blog is concerned.


More Blogging? 

If any of this seems a little familiar, just redress the situation accordingly and we’re sure your next blog campaign will be made of the right stuff!

The author of this post is Kristina Parker. Kristina is an entrepreneur who relies on blogging and social media almost every day to earn those extra brownie points. In her spare time, Kristina loves playing tennis or going to the beach with her friends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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