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3 Steps To Easy Backlinks



You should have realized by now that backlinks are incredibly important to the value placed on your site by the search engines. The links pointing to your site are counted like votes by the search engines, and the more of them, the better, because each vote tells the search engine that another website thinks yours is valuable—valuable enough to give up precious web space for the link. The search engines use this information to determine how high to place your site in the search engine results pages.

So, I will assume that you also understand that getting as many links back to your site is a valuable proposition, correct? Of course it is. Those backlinks have a lot of power. The problems is that finding and getting those backlinks from high ranking websites takes a lot of time and work. You are very busy as it is with content creation and other website tasks, to have to spend so much time on backlinking.

The solution to your time constraints is syndication. The process involves only 3 very easy steps and once you master it, you’ll have no trouble getting tons of useful backlinks for your site. The first step is to write a high quality, 400 to 500 word article, the last paragraph of which is your resource box.

The resource box may just be the most important paragraph in your article. It has to have 2 very necessary elements: your website address and your anchor text. The anchor test are the keywords for which you would like your website to rank in the search engines. By attaching the anchor text to your URL with HTML coding, you will create a clickable link back to your site.

The next thing to do will be to submit your article to lots of article directories. Find the ones who have page rank of at least 2 or higher (the higher the better), and post your article to them. Important: do not submit this same article to ezinearticles.com. They will not accept it. They also say they will not accept an article that has been rewritten, but if you rewrite your own work, they cannot possibly know the difference, so you have that option available to you.

Some of you heard about the Panda algorithm change that changed the way article directories are valued in Google’s eyes. Yes, they lost ground. But they are still a viable way to get backlinks. A PR3 backlink from GoArticles.com is STILL a high value backlink. EZA is at PR6, still quite valuable. Besides, the last step in this project will make your submissions to the directories even ore valuable. And it’s something that not many webmasters were doing or even knew about before or after Panda!

The last step in the project will be to copy down the article and RSS feed URLs for the purpose of taking them to pingomatic.com for submission. Pingomatic will notify the search engines and the RSS feed aggregators out there that your article is available for spidering. It will cause the indexing of your site to happen much faster than if you left them on their own to find your article. The faster your article gets indexed, the faster your site has a high PR backlink pointing to it,

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