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4 Types Website Content

It should be your aim, as webmaster, to entertain, educate and, perhaps most importantly, keep your readers coming back for more. You can do this by nor making your website a borefest of nothing but one type of content delivery. There are actually 4 types you can readily use and they will help keep things interesting at your site. Let’s look at them.

Text Content
This should be a no-brainer. Everyone uses text on their websites. It is the easiest to use, after all, and in fact, it might even be absolutely necessary to use text content, since that’s the only kind the search engines understand. And if you want your site to rank well, it is important that the search engines understand what your site is about.

The drawback to text is when you do not format it properly or fail to use good English grammar and spelling. One big long run-on paragraph will never be read, so be nice and break your work up into smaller, more easily read chucks of words. Write to the general educational level of your readers.

Graphic content
This, of course, is where you use graphics to convey your messages. Images, graphics and infographics fall into this category. An infographic is an image where you have actually written your message upon it. A cartoon with speaking characters is a perfect example.

Graphics can, in fact, be more informative that text content. In fact, images and graphics will more than likely get your message across to the reader in a much faster way. The problem that exists, however, is that the search engines cannot actually “see” your images, and so cannot readily categorize your site properly. Use of “alt” tags to describe the images will help.

Audio Content
Before digital audio became available with the invention of devices like iPods and such, one never heard the human voice online. It wasn’t possible until digital sound became available, and then it took off like wild fire. It should obvious that audio cannot be seen or heard by the search engines, of course.

Video content
For whatever reason, people loves videos. YouTube has taken Google’s spot as the number 1 search engine. Video is dynamic and entertaining and far and away the most popular type of website content. On top of that, sharing has become a number one way of promotion, ands sharing videos is very easy.

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