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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

The origins of the word “blog” come from a mashup of two words: web and log. “weblog” soon became blog and for that reason, many people think the purpose of blogging is to keep some sort of journal. They think of it as a diary of events as they happen, just as a teen girl might keep.

Well, this is far from accurate. Sure, it CAN be used that way, but, by and large, you will find that innovative Internet marketers have turned it into an asset that works very hard for them. A blog today doesn’t look anything like a journal. Blogging software, like Joomla and WordPress have become serious content management applications that have hundreds, even thousands, of tweaks made to them to present to the world a site that means business.

Here are some of the superior advantages of using a CMS, or blogging program to launch your business:

1. Since the search engines require fresh content on a regular basis, updating the static websites of old is no longer feasible. The blog platform makes daily updates infinitely easier to do.

2. Because of the ease with which one can update a blog, the search engines love blogs. This means that static websites fall out of favour with the SE’s and blogs take over. When the blogs outperform the static websites, they naturally attract more readers/clients/customers.

3. It should then be obvious that blogs and their RSS feeds are enjoying higher rankings in the search engines’ results pages. With all the special tweaks that you can easily give your blog, the search engines will vault your site well above any static site out there.

4. It should then be apparent that establishing yourself with a blog will increase your reputation immensely… and quickly!

5. Blogs can be turned into revenue streams by adding third-party advertising or becoming an affiliate site for related products. Even the RSS feed can carry advertising.

6. If you do not wish to place third-party advertising on your site, you can still generate leads from which you can make money. A lead-capture program can be easily and quickly installed in a blog. The fact that folks would sign up voluntarily means that these are hot leads, which are quite valuable, indeed.

7. Creating a static website involves a lot of hand-coding and page building. If you have a knack for that kind of thing, great, but it still in infinitely more time consuming than building a blog. Building a blog is as easy as pushing a few buttons. No hand coding involved.

8. If you’re not into hand-coding, then you’re going to have to pay someone to build your website. Even if you know how to hand-code, you it is unlikely that you can build the type of flashy, fancy websites that professional website builders charge hundreds of dollars for. But a blog cms can build that same kind of flash… and it’s free!

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