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A Comprehensive Work Schedule For Webmasters

If you are a webmaster and you really want to succeed then you are likely to devote a lot of time and energy to you websites, your content creation and more. Many people decide to try and make money from a website or a blog because they want to have more free time and because they want to live lazier lifestyles; but of course this isn’t really a recipe for success and actually if you really want your site to be a hit you need to think about giving it as much time as you can – and working a normal 8 hour day would be ideal here.

Because in short, to make your site as successful as it can be there is a lot of work to be done and there are many things you need to spend your time doing. Not sure how you should be spending your day as a webmaster? Here we will look at some of the things you should find time for.



First you need to design your website. But then after that you also need to redesign it and you need to keep remodelling. Many people think of web design as something you do once at the beginning of your online career, but actually it should be something that constantly evolves and changes. This way you can make it adapt to your audience and to the stats that you observe, and this way you can ensure it stays contemporary and popular rather than becoming defunct over time.

Article Writing

Invest in Content

Of course writing content for your site is highly important and this is the lifeblood of your site. Not only is content creation crucial for your SEO, but it’s also what will bring the visitors to your site in the first place and hopefully ensure they keep coming back for more.


Web Marketing Scrabble

SEO or search engine optimization means essentially making sure that Google points at your site enough to bring the traffic in droves. This is a rather broad category and SEO in itself involves: keyword research, staying up to date with algorithm changes, handling on-page SEO elements and getting your links on other websites.

Social Media Marketing

eSocialMediaShop Top Keywords 2010

Social media marketing is the other way you can get traffic to your pages and this basically means posting links to your site on Twitter, Facebook and everything else. Make sure that you have a constant web presence and that you continually promote yourself through these channels as it will give you far more visibility and increase your reputation as well.


Google AdWords logo

And if you want to bring visitors to your site the old fashioned way then you might want to pay for advertising through AdWords or Facebook which can help you to get traffic directly. But again there’s a lot of tweaking and budgeting here to be done.


Money Shirt

You should be consistently thinking about how to make money from your site, otherwise it’s just a hobby and not really a business. This means constantly looking at your AdSense stats and trying to rearrange or redesign the adverts, and it also means constantly trying out new ways to monetize. Don’t have Kindle book out there yet? Then get on it!


Please read instructions fully before opening!

You should be reading all the time as a blogger not only to stay up to date with your topic and to come up with article ideas, but also to be up to date with changes to Google, with what the competition are doing and with how to make your site more effective.


thank you note for every language

If you have comments, forums or any other form of community aspect then this is going to demand your time and attention too as you’ll be making sure everyone plays nice and deleting negative comments (unless they come with a solid reasoning).

Do you spend time on all these activities on a daily basis? Which activity takes most of your time?

This post was written by guest blogger RobinGupta from RobinGupta.co. He is an SEO expert and runs a fast growing link building company. He thinks many blogs and websites fail because website owners are unable to give enough time to all activities mentioned in this post.

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