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Adsense Facts To Consider

To hear the tell of it, it seems the Internet gurus out there would have you believe that making money online is so super-easy as to be work suitable for children. This isn’t quite true, however. Mind you, it’s not overly difficult to make a good income online, but it’s not a hands-off affair. It will require attention and perseverance on your part, plus a little bit of work. Some programs that you can incorporate into your website with which to make money are easier than others. Thankfully, Google’s Adsense is one of the easier programs.

To begin, what are some key factors you should consider when looking for a money-making program to add to your site? Well, longevity is a good indicator of a program’s viability. Google’s Adsense program has been around pretty much the longest of any other advertising venue out there. It would seem Adsense is in it for the long haul, with its millions of publishers and years of testing and tweaking for optimal performance.

When the program you choose is working on your site, how will it look? Will it look like you placed it there only to grab someone’s money, or as a natural part of your offerings of great information? Will the ad blare out at the visitor with annoying colors and/or images? These only serve to chase visitors away, so don’t even consider them. Adsense uses mostly text ads, although they do serve some nicely formatted graphic ads.

Naturally, Google has some terms of service to which you must agree before they will serve any ads on your site(s). But, really, if you think about it, they are not that unreasonable. For instance, Google does not want any of their ads placed on pornography sites. You can understand that, I’m sure. As long as yours is a family-friendly site, you are golden to Google.

Google has a limitation for your web pages of only 3 Adsense ad blocks. This means you can only place 3 Adsense ad blocks on any given page of any of your websites. If you have ads from other programs, that’s okay. Big G doesn’t care about those. They only want to limit their ads to 3 sections per page. Also, you will not be the one to choose which and what kind of ads to serve on your sites. That is done by Google, alone. Google uses your site content and your meta keywords to figure out what your site is about and what ads will be appropriate for your site. That last bit is a huge clue for you to learn everything you can about on-page SEO, so you can give Google exactly what it wants to be able to get the best ads on your site.

When you get it right, the ads will be relevant to the content on your site. Since your visitors came to your site for the information you provide, it stands to reason that the ads they see might just interest them as well. When they click on any of those ads, Google pays you for that click! Google received money from an advertiser to serve that ad, so Google is sharing that revenue with you, which is a really nice arrangement, don’t you think?

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