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Lourens Pelser is an online entrepreneur who is constantly looking for profitable income streams to share with his subscribers. He is the owner of Nichemap.net and he will be adding content regularly for all aspiring internet marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Using Affilojetpack

Starting off in the world of affiliate marketing can be a daunting task for most. Content creation  is just one of the many challenges that newbies are faced with.  Other challenges include building a list, auto-responders, which market to target, newsletter creation, how to build a site etc. You can get a quick start with affilojetpack without any marketing or website building knowledge. The best part is that this is a copy paste system which will enable you to have your first “Money Magnet” site up and running in less than 4 hours! This course will provide the following:

  • All the research has been DONE for you
  • 1 FULL year of professionally written emails DONE for you
  • Free reports DONE for you
  • Articles DONE for you
  • Website Templates DONE for you
  • One-Click Hosting DONE for you
  • All the training you need to become super successful

I have used this exact system to really get a fast start after I have also wasted a lot of time trying to do affiliate marketing. The best part is that there is a big community that  will assist you whenever you run into a problem or have a question. You also get a money back guarantee plus $100. I have been a keen follower of Mark Ling over the years and this course  has certainly kick started my internet marketing career.

Chances are that you have heard “The money is in the list”, before. Each campaign that you can choose from has a series of newsletters available for one whole year and this alone is worth more than the asking price for Affilojetpack.

I will even provide you with the markets you can choose from – you can choose 5 “jet packs” from the following :

  • Dog Training
  • Muscle Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Green Energy
  • Dating Tips for Men
  • Wholesale Sourcing
  • Self-Help
  • Internet Marketing
  • Golf
  • Learn to Sing
  • Save Your Relationship/Get Your Ex Back

Each of these “jet packs” in the Affilojetpack affiliate marketing kit, contains :

  • Over 70 top quality “informational emails” to help you build a strong relationship with your list.
  • At least 20 high quality written-to-convert hard sell emails written by Mark Ling personally.
  • You get not just one, but THREE top quality “Free Reports” to build your list with.
  •  At least 20 top quality articles for your website.
  • 3 professionally designed header graphics and layouts for your site.
  • One year one-click hosting and installation with a purpose built hosting platform.

And don’t forget that this includes a full course on how to implement your jet packs as well as traffic strategies :

Part 1:  Getting started & setting up your website.

Part 2: Adding and customizing your content, newsletters, links and banners.

Part 3: Driving traffic: SEO, PPC and more

Part 4: Extra Support

The reason that I like Mark Ling’s courses so much, is that he is one of the “good guys” when it comes to internet marketing. You will always receive solid, actionable information that will fast track your success. I am confident that you will find that the Affilojetpack affiliate marketing course over delivers every step of the way.




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