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Are You Afraid Of Article Writing

An easy method for driving traffic and building backlinks at the same time, article writing is one of the smartest things a marketer can do for their online business. But you would be surprised how many fail to take advantage of this simple idea. Writing an article for the website or for marketing purposes, is really a very simple procedure. But many people would rather nail their feet to a tree first.

Most people built their aversion to writing during middle or in high school. But what they do not realize is that if they would simply try, they would find it is not as difficult as it first seems. We are talking about writing really short papers—400 words is adequate—for and article that will either be posted to the website or placed into syndication. This is not that difficult a task. But fear and loathing have stymied many people.

For example, the paragraph above has 80 words in it. 5 paragraphs just like it, and you’ve got a 400 word article. 5 paragraphs is not that many, if you think about it.

You articles can be used to inform your readers of valuable information. As you grow into your online business, you are going to be learning a great many things about business and the Internet. Write about it. It doesn’t matter that there might be readers who have been around longer than you and already know these things. Your perspective will be fresh to them and you might even give them something more to think about.

If you are sitting and staring at a blank file, not knowing what to write or how to start, here’s something you can do to kick start your typing fingers: Grab an article from anywhere—a blog post or from an article directory—something you resonated with. Find an article that interested you or taught you something. Now re-write it. Re-write it in your own words. And if even that is too hard to get started, break the article down sentence by sentence and re-write each sentence. How would you say what the original author said. This is a good exercise for getting yourself into the habit of thinking and writing.

Four hundred words is sufficient to get your point across to anyone reading your articles. The only differences between writing for your website and writing for syndication is that a syndicated article will include something called a resource box which will carry your links. Here we are at over 400 words now, so, in the words of the famous shoe company, “Just Do It!”

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