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Michael has been involved in sales since 1966 when he started selling seeds from thebacks of comic books. Since then he's sold cars, radio advertising, insurance, truck driving school, food, books door to door, and electronic equipment. Michael started marketing on the internet in January of 2003 and has been pretty much a full time marketer ever since selling all type of goods and services. He and his wife have a cookbook online at Createspace.com; The Hillbilly Cookbook - Authentic recipes from the Old South; Holiday Edition. You can find it at https://www.createspace.com/3700986 .

Can You Really Make Money “Flipping” Sites?

There’s quite a bit of talk these days about building and selling websites for profit, or “flipping” as it’s known in internet marketing, and while a good living can be made from doing this, it isn’t something you might want to try for quick cash as it takes time to grow a money making website to the point where you can sell it.

Most people I know that buy and sell websites are gonna want sites that are already getting a fair amount of traffic, and probably even already making some money.

Now, to make money, the site has to be relevant to a niche where there is money to be made, and that means doing your homework where keywords are concerned. If you don’t choose the right niche, and then the right keywords to go along with it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot in the beginning so it’s important to not only choose a niche where you can make money but also to choose your keywords and domain name carefully.

As far as getting traffic to the site goes, you can buy traffic, but if you can rank your site(s) in Google or the other big 3, you’ll have a better chance of flipping them for profit.

If you do the right things, its not that hard to get sites to rank highly. The main thing is to have the right keywords and optimize an individual page for each keyword. At one time, your Google ranking came from having tons of links pointing back to your site, but according to a couple of friends who have made a life out of studying this stuff, that’s changed to an extent.

Getting top rankings in Google now depends more on content and optimization. Having a few backlinks from authority sites along with proper keyword research and good content will get you indexed faster than just having hundreds of links from any old site.

First of all, Google ranks pages – not websites, so it’s important that you have one page for each of your chosen keywords. In order to rank well, you need great content about the keyword you have chosen with a few high quality links pointing to that page with your keyword phrase in the anchor text. This, along with your main keyword or phrase in the URL, head, description, and title will practically guarantee you a first page listing in Google.

Of course, there are a few more things you need to do like having many pages of content. And I don’t mean crap either, but good, informative content that will actually help the people that come to your site looking for it.

If you can’t write the content yourself, then you need to hire somebody that can write it for you. It needs to be good, and unique. No PLR crap. You still need some links pointing back to your site from authority sites as well, but it doesn’t take thousands. As few as a hundred backlinks to a page will do if the linking sites carry enough juice.

If you take the time to choose keywords that are “getable” for lack of a better word, have lots of great content, and a few backlinks from high quality authority sites, and take the time to make sure those keywords are in the title, URL, head, and the description of the site, you can rank better than sites with thousands of keywords that are not as well optimized.

A detailed explanantion of how to do these things is beyond the scope of a simple blog post, but hopefully you have enough information here to know where to start looking for what you need to fill in the blanks. There is a simple solution though, if you have a few bucks you can spend to get it done for you, and you want the best bang for the buck possible.

That’s my friends over at NicheBang.com. They’ll do the keyword research, choose the right domain name, build the site, load it up with money making resources, and even populate it with great content all for a low fee. Heck, they’ll even make every effort to get you those high quality backlinks from the authority sites and all you have to do is sit back and collect the money.

That’s http://NicheBang.com . Check ’em out right now!

To your success,

Michael Worthington


Michael Worthington is a full time internet marketer and has been selling goods and services online since 2003. To get access to a free 14 day video course on how to do what he’s discussed here using free or mostly free resources, go to http://theaffiliaterx.com/14day


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