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Creating A Digital Information Product

Are you one of the many people out there who has a beautiful vision of creating an info product to sell online that will do so fantastically well, you’ll never have to work at another J.O.B. again in your life? It’s a beautiful dream, to be sure. And it is possible to accomplish. But just be aware: it isn’t going to happen overnight. Don’t quit the day job just yet.

Unless you’ve done this exact type of thing before, you have a learning curve you must negotiate first. There is a lot of work involved in creating a digital informational product, so you might as well get used to that idea right now. It is going to take time. If you need a serious income right now, this is not the way to go. It is however, one you can work in the background while you make a living elsewhere for the moment.

Before you even come up with an idea for a product, it would make things easier on you to create a road map, or blueprint, if you will, of the steps you believe it is going to take to accomplish this lofty goal. From dream to reality, figure out what it is going to take to bring life to your idea.

An extremely rough outline would be:
1. Topic for eBook
2. Research of topic
3. Writing of ebook
4. conversion into digital format
5. graphics
6. website
7. storage and delivery process worked out
8. payment process delineated
9. a superior customer service arrangement
10. refund policy
11. promotion and marketing venues
12. bookkeeping

There’s even a bit more to it, but this is a general outline of what is needed in a generally realistic order.

If you don’t already have an idea of what your info product will be about, then here are a couple of ideas to spark your imagination. Take a look at your own life. What kind of problems do you wrangle with? Others have the same problems and will welcome advice. Do you have a favorite hobby or pastime? Others do to, and will appreciate your wisdom on the subjects. Figure out what people are hungry for and use that as a never-ending well of inspiration. Look at the New York Times non-fiction best seller list. Check out Amazon.com reviews of popular books. When you identify your topic, you will have identified your market.

Once you figure out what your topic is, your next step is research. Research is not easy. You want to be thorough and correct and you must do your due diligence in most topic areas. Research will take some time. And we’re not just talking about research on the topic, itself. You must do some research just to find out of such a product would even be worth selling. Some are, some aren’t, depending on what information is already out there. If people can get your information for free somewhere, they won’t be inclined to buy it from you, although that is not a hard and fast rule. You can talk to others who have been successful at creating and marketing an info product and see what they have to say.

Beyond getting the idea and researching comes the work of writing your eBook, getting it ready for market and promoting it. These subjects are larger than this short article has time for, but plan on coming back, because we will be covering all these subjects eventually.

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