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Creating Content for SEO

UPDATE* Google indexed my article literally 2 minutes after I posted it. Shows ten minutes ago but I timed it.

Creating Content for SEO

Creating Content for SEO

Everyone knows that you need content in order to rank well in Google. Search engines absolutely LOVE content and will crawl your site at the speed of light if you create it OFTEN. A great example is our site, NicheMoz.com. What you are reading now is our content we either wrote ourselves or hired it out to a writer. Either way is great as long as it is QUALITY content.

If you read my writing and the writing of some of our writers you will see the difference in quality.

Disclaimer: I am not in the least a writer. I am a content out source kind of guy. I do like to write don’t get me wrong just not at all a writer. Does that at all make sense?

Ok now moving on. I tend to place a little bit of personality in my articles so excuse the character!!


Google loves content and will rank you well if you have it and plenty of it. You need quality so that your readers will return and read more in the future which also gives you traffic. Traffic is what your ultimate goal is and content will FOR SURE give you quality returning traffic. People love a good read. They love to return for more good reads.

Now creating content for SEO is sometimes hard to do. You want to make your readers happy along with Google, Bing and Yahoo. That is how you bring in the traffic. So…I see lots of people worrying more and more about Google than their readers or visitors. That is not a good thing at all. You want Google to send you traffic but you also want to gain the readers attention with your quality and/or personality. This will make you a successful site owner.

Ok…side note: Remember to link from within your content pages. Google loves pages that link to other pages with related content. I may not do it with this article but it is done on this forum. Even after several days you read your own writing and see a keyword for your site or for another article link it. That will help your reader as well as Google.

Creating content for SEO is a bit tough because you have to stress your keywords keeping a 3% to 5% density and keeping your readers reading and returning. Gaining a subscriber will make you money. Getting placed #1 for Google will too but not if your content is UGLY.

I am at 340 words at this stage in my article and I have mentioned my keyword about 3 times which is an ok number but I need to add it about 3 more times with this current length to make it GOOGLE quality but I also need to keep you reading to make it USER quality. I hope you are understanding what I am saying.

Remember I am not a writer…just keep reading! 🙂

Your title is one of the most important part of your article on SEO perspective. You want to mention your keyword, long tail or short in your title. In my case I am Creating content for SEO and that is my long tail keyword. 2 more to go…YAY!

Ok…another side note: Remember to do this in ever post. No, not side notes but at least one anchor text link linking to your article (KEYWORD LINK TO YOUR ARTICLE) and a bold or ilalicized keyword. This too lets google know that your keyword is YOUR KEYWORD. It does help your reader focus more on the actual purpose of the article as well.

Just kidding about the YAY!

Anyway moving on. I stress with my SEO clients to keep both users and GOOGLE happy but vote more on the user end. Why? Again you want your readers to A. Not get bored. B. Return to your site. C. Ummmmm did I mention not get bored?

Creating content for SEO ALONE will ruin you. Just remember how many sites you read and thought “Man what a wack article” sort of like this one…right?

I really hope that you use this for your benefit. Add your keywords in your article but be sure that where ever you place that long or short tail keyword to make it fit or make sense to your readers. No one wants to read crap which is why I am really surprised you are still reading this article. 🙂 Just kidding.

I am definitely not boring but I am, again, not a writer. I hope you actually have enjoyed this post and learned something with this read. If you enjoyed it let me know you read it by placing a comment and giving me your thoughts on the topic or just mention that you enjoyed it and ask me to keep writing. BECAUSE I WILL KEEP WRITING IF WANTED!

Once again I apologize for the amount of personality I put into an article. I just write that way for some reason. Makes me think that I am talking to you more than just writing. Also helps motivate me to keep writing hoping that I will get even better. I have gotten better. I really have.


SEO TEST: After writing this article it was indexed in Google less than 2 minutes later and I am on page 24 RIGHT AWAY for the keyword “Creating Content for SEO”. I want to track how long it will take me to get either to page one of Google or any movement at all.

I believe this article to be quality on both ends. Google will like the length of the article along with the quality of it. I have mentioned my keywords, placed and alt tag for my image, made my keyword bold and/or italics, even have the title as my keyword which is my long tail keyword. I am targeting people who type that title in search. This helps you get more traffic because people do type these phrases in Google. That is where most of my site’s traffic will come from. Not this particular keyword alone but the hundreds we actually have. If you do this effectively you will receive thousands and if your lucky millions of site visitors.

I will update this post every move Google makes with my long tail keyword.

Current Spot:

October 26, 2011 – Page 24, spot #3 – SEARCH IT

October 26, 2011 – 2 hours later Page 23, Spot #5 – SEARCH IT

October 26, 2011 – 12 hours later Page 22, Spot #1 – SEARCH IT

October 26, 2011 – 13 hours later Page 21, Spot #9 – SEARCH IT

October 27, 2011 – Page 21 Spot #7 – SEARCH IT

October 28, 2011 – Page 19 Spot #2 – SEARCH IT

Seems that every day we move up at least one position in search results. I am barely doing anything for SEO after the article. I have added another article and linked to this article and also linked to the article from within the forum. My guess that tomorrow I will be on page 18 sometime during the day. (October 29th, 2011).

October 29, 2011 – Page 19 Spot #1 SEARCH IT 


Keeping it stupidly REAL, Jonathan Smith

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