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Do You Make This HUGE Make Money Online Blunder? Final.

How time flies, we have come to the end of this series, and to finish the make money online blunders we will talk a little about SEO and record keeping.  So many I know make blunders in this area.

There has been Lots and Lots of talk about SEO, Google Slap, Google Sandbox etc.  So many buy widgets, bits and bobs, that claim to make it all easy.  Some buy backlinks from Fiverr.com in their efforts to gain PR and make money online by getting heaps of traffic.

If you follow my previous posts and really whittle down, and hone in on your Niche and find 2-3 or 3-4 keywords that you can rank on, your SEO will be easier in your make money online venture than by trying to rank too many keywords at once.

Every page of your site needs to be indexed and have a rank with Google. That is a true make money online fact – so if anyone tells you any different forget it!  EVERY page must be indexed.

You also need to know what has been done and the results of same, and what you need to do next in your SEO, that is where good record keeping comes in.

Most of you would know what is involved with SEO, so I will not go directly into it here.

What I will explain are things I know for a fact that can help your efforts.

First thing is get organised!

Make a spreadsheet and make a separate page for every single bit of SEO you do. i.e. blog comments, RSS you know what I mean. Plus what you plan to do next.

List on those pages, the URL for every comment, RSS feed etc that is done. Date them.

After one week, check to see if it has been indexed by Google, if it has mark it as so along with the date.

One fact I know for sure is – for every 100 backlinks you do only 20 to 25 get found and indexed by Google.

If you find they are not indexed, you then need to go through the indexing process. I have found doing this, you can get the ratio up to every 100 backlinks 60-80 get found.  Much better, don’t you think, that is working smart not hard. But it takes time!

Another fact – when I moderate blog comments, I find that several poor souls hav spent an awful lot of money, paying for a gig on Fiverr  for blog comments.  NOW HERE IS THE BIGGIE GUYS – most of my comments get deleted, you know why?  The comment left does not fit my blog.

I know for a fact with Scrapebox, you load up 20 or 30 comments and they randomly get posted.  All well and good, HOWEVER, I do not want, Zoone tune, or some other garbage on my blog about Crystals.  Does not fit!

If you do pay for backlinks from Fiverr, make sure, that the person, will leave comments that are related to the topic OR something generic that will fit with every blog.  And No I do not mean “Nice Post thanks” they also get deleted. I mix in far reaching circles and I can tell you marketers who have  blogs with any sort of page rank who are serious about maintaining its worth will do the same. They are serious about their make money online ventures and will not allow the blog to be downgraded by hundred of spam comments.

Another fact, many are now not allowing comments to be left because of all the rubbish that appears. So cheap SEO commenting is ruining the industry.  Make sure your comments left are worthwhile.

I have several blogs which I do not allow comments to be left.

I have Scrapebox and I do understand exactly how it works.  It is an amazing tool if done correctly, I wouldn’t work for $5 and do hundred and thousands of backlinks.  It takes time to pull THE RIGHT blogs for your particular KEYWORD and leave the RIGHT COMMENT. Just be cautious.

Profile links.  Many forums give you profile links, however, we are awake up to those who just open up an account on a forum, go in and fill in their name etc and website and then either Spam the forum or do nothing.  Guys you will be deleted.  If you do profile links, please make sure you are a worthwhile member of a forum.  Word does get around.

Do your best at all times to give value – always ask will this bring value to those who read it, buy it etc. Remember to have posts that are interesting and well worded, fresh and not respun PLR rubbish, and you will do well.

Make sure your SEO is consistent.  The first 3 months of a new site, upload consistent content at least 2-3 times per week and backlink around 20 – 40 per day, otherwise Google will tend to “Sandbox you”

Other than that, BE ETHICAL.  You will get ahead.

Something to think about – I have been an ethical marketer, and followed all the “So called rules”, oh yes, I have been caught out by “Guru’s” taking my money and giving rubbish in return, that just cemented  my position.

I then joined a forum (No not Nichemoz) and met Kevin Perry who was then owner of Nichemoz.  We spoke on that forum for months, I found him ethical in all his dealings, and vice versa.  We found through commenting on posts and being very valuable members of this forum that we thought alike, had the same values and the same goals.  I then joined Nichemoz as well and gave my best to the forum and its participants, always willing to help others.

Then Magic Happened, Kevin asked me to become co-owner of Nichemoz and Nichebang and work with him to take these sites and other ventures to great heights.

I hold Kevin in the highest regard, I am very proud to be associated with such an ethical and inspiring marketer.

I told that story because (a) it is true and (b) it is evidence that good things do happen by joining forums and becoming a valuable member, not just a “Profile Link”

I wish you all the best in your make money online ventures, and thank you for following this series.

So for now ALL of us at Nichemoz say goodbye and see you soon.

Oh one more thing, if you would like to comment please feel free and I invite you to join Nichemoz Forum and become a very valuable member.

Take Care!

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