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Don’t Miss Out On Zurker If You Didn’t Grab Shares In FaceBook

I don’t have to tell you that FaceBook is now the largest most popular social network online. The company is now worth billions of dollars. Imagine if you had the opportunity to grab shares in FaceBook really cheap, or for free when it first launched – you’d be setting pretty good right now wouldn’t you?

Well there’s a new social network called Zurker that launched recently, and some think it may rival FaceBook, or may even replace it just as FaceBook did MySpace. That’s a very bold thought in my book, but hey, who knows? With all the changes being made in FaceBook, the discontentment, and people leaving by the hundreds of thousands – this new social network may be what millions are looking for.

Now I’m not going to take anything away from FaceBook because people are still joining it and making it popular, so it’s still sitting at the top of the social network chain, and enjoying the privileges thereof. So, it’s going to be hard to compete with. Many have tried, and nothing has come close yet.

However, getting back to Zurker, what if it only does a tenth as good as FaceBook, and you owned shares in the company that didn’t cost you anything – you could be setting pretty good in the near future, couldn’t you?

Right now, the site is in beta launch mode, and they are being very generous with shares in the company. Right now they give you a share for each person you refer who joins. You also have the option to purchase shares in the company at about a buck each. I know the owner and creator of the site from another site that I was a member of that he created, and sold for big bucks.

With this new site, him and the investors may sell it, or they may just sit on it for long term profit gains, who knows? Either way, when you own shares in such a company that you got for free, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

At the very least, it’ll be a change from all the negative that people are experiencing and complaining about FaceBook. Plus you should get to have some fun also. All in all, looks like a win-win situation to me.

I really can’t do it justice here about what’s already in place and what features and benefits are to come in the future. All I can do is let you know about it so you can check it out for yourself, and have fun in the meanwhile.

I’d like to hear your thoughts after you’ve joined and checked it out. You can talk directly with the creator of the site if you like for any questions or ideas you may have about it because the creator is also a member of the site himself. – not one of those hands off, money grabbing, unreachable owners like most sites have.

You may just meet others there that you already know from somewhere else online – I know I have. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this, check out my blog at http://terrymdavis.com for more details.

Be well, live long, enjoy a healthy life, and prosper.


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