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Fast Article Writing

It has happened that a new Internet Marketer just learning the ropes has discovered, much to his dismay that article marketing is one the better and more results-driven method of marketing that exists on the Internet. I say it is to their dismay, because for many people, the last writing they did was in high school and they hated it.

But it needn’t be that way. Article writing has a few tricks to it, so this is nothing like the essays and term papers of school that we had to do. By learning these tricks and remembering these tips, anyone can start rolling out suitable articles in no time.

The first obstacle many a new writer faces is what to write about. This is why it is highly recommended that you enter a niche that you at least have some knowledge in, if not a raving passion for. A niche topic on something you know about will lend itself to all kinds of ideas to write about.

Once you have decided on a familiar topic, start brainstorming ideas about the kinds of problems people encounter in your chosen niche. The reason for this is that, unless a person is ready to make some kind of purchase, their number one reason for even searching the internet is usually to solve some kind of problem. That should give you plenty of material to write about.

The nature of the average Internet searchers is a huge benefit to new writers. Generally, Internet searchers tend to want their information quick and easy. This is lucky for you, because it means you can write one of the easiest types of articles out there, the tip sheet. It consists of an introduction paragraph, where you tell them what you’re going to tell them, and a closing paragraph, where you tell them what you just told them. And in between, you have a numbered or bulleted list of your tips.

Still stuck for ideas? Head over to the forums that service your niche and start reading through the threads. What are the problems they talk about there/ What questions are they asking each other. Your answers to those questions make perfect fodder for articles. And even if you’re not sure of the answers, the same forums will have those, too!

As mentioned earlier, people want their information in fast easy-to-read chunks. This means your articles should run, ideally, between 400 and 600 words at most. No one likes reading through large chunks of text, so break it up into 6 or 7 smaller paragraphs, each with about 3 or 4 sentences, only. Take a look at the format of this article and see if you do not agree that smaller paragraphs are easier to read than if this article was all one long paragraph.

Ideally, the very last paragraph of your articles should contain information about how the reader can learn more by visiting your website or subscribing to your newsletter or some other direct call to action.

After you’ve gathered your research and made notes, start writing, In your first draft, do not stop writing. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Just get the thing written. You can deal with spelling and grammar afterwards, in your second and, if needed, third draft. When you have decided that it is done, proofread it. It might even be helpful to have someone else read it, as fresh eyes can pick up little things we, the writers, tend to overlook.

When your article is ready, submit it to your favorite article directories. The more often it is out there, the more backlinks you will eventually see leading to your website. Now, this won’t happen overnight, as the search engines must first “spider” the directories. This doesn’t happen every day, so it could take a minute before your links show up… but they will. Just be patient.

It is a little work, writing articles, but as you get more accustomed to the job, you will find yourself speeding up and getting them done quicker. In terms of the value it brings your website, article writing and marketing cannot be matched. The backlinks and traffic to your site will be well worth your efforts.

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