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Forum Marketing Equals Money in the Bank

When does talk equal money? When you are talking in a forum in a niche your website serves. Forum are excellent places to place your website links, develop new relationships and gain more traffic to your site. And, of course, more visitors to your site means more sales. A few Tips on forum marketing follows.

The easiest way to find a forum in your niche is to go to the search engine and enter your niche keyword and the word “forum.” For example, if you are into snakes and you want to talk to other snake owners, then you would type into the search engine box,
snake forum. This kind of search should bring back sufficient resources for your forum marketing needs. Also, about.com is a good place to look for forums, as well.

Most forums are free and registration is the usual: fill out the form, agree to the terms of service and get a confirmation email. A few of these forums you find may not require registration, but the majority do. Once you’ve gotten yourself registered, take a look around the forum, read the posting rules and get to chatting! If you find a question you can answer, by all means, do so. Most forums have a “Introduce Yourself” section to which you should definitely contribute.

Money From Talking In the Forums

It should be fairly obvious that the point of all this forum chatting is to get people introduced to you and your website. Many people find it a fun way to market. Here are a few tips:

1. Always provide a link to your site. Some forums do not allow links within the posts, themselves, but will allow them in your signature file, a file that get appended to the end of very post you make. If the forum won’t allow even those, then move on to another forum.

2. DO NOT SPAM. People do not want to be sold to, and they will know when that’s all you’re trying to do. Be friendly and helpful in your advice and answers and let your signature do the talking.

3. Some forums will allow a “critique my site” thread. If so, use it. You can post in a thread like this, something to the effect, “I just built a new website. I would love to hear what people think of it.” People love to give opinions, so this thread could garner instant traffic for your site.

4. Find the popular threads and get active in them. Most threads will have a “number of views” listed. Find the really popular ones and get in on the conversation.

Forum marketing may not seem like your cup of tea, but you won’t really know until you’ve tried it. Many people have been pleasantly surprised to find how much fun chatting with people while improving their traffic has been, once they got into it. Seeing those traffic numbers increase is a real business motivator, so get in there and start talking!

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