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Generate Traffic Through Link Building

Generating traffic to your website is as easy and simple as building backlinks. Backlinks is the term used to describe links from other websites that point back to your site. These backlinks, also called hyperlinks are what drives the Internet.

Links make it possible for us to travel anywhere we want to go, whether to a shopping site to buy something, to an entertained site to read something or to a gamins site to play. just as it is the way you get around, it is the mechanism that brings traffic to your sites, as well.

So, it stands to reason that if you do not have inbound links pointing to your site, you cannot get any traffic, or very, very little at best. Take the example when you first built your website. How long was it before you started seeing real traffic? It wasn’t until the big search engines found your site and listed it in their databases, which gave links for people to find in their search results, that you began to see traffic.

The search engines, and Google, in particular, like to see that other websites think your site is so valuable to others that they will place links to it. This basically becomes a popularity contest in the eyes of the search engines, but that is the way it is.

Will any old link from any old website do? Not quite. The search engines place more value on links that come from sites that are in the same general category as your site. They also love it when that linking site is very popular, itself. So, look for websites that are in your niche and are quite popular, themselves and see if you cannot get some backlinks from them

Awhile back, someone thought it might be a good idea to have a bunch of their own websites all linked to each other. Google put a stop to this quite quickly by downgrading the value of those links. The only way for this strategy to work now, if for the websites to ALL be on different servers. If Google, et. al., can see the linking sites are all on the same server, they will assume this is a link farm and act accordingly.

In truth, the best thing to do is find ways to get other websites, owned by other people, to link back to you. It used to be that you could offer to trade links with a webmaster. But once again, Google said no. So now, link exchanges provide very poor quality links.

Well, then, how do you go about getting good quality backlinks? Honestly, there are 3 very good ways to go about it.
1. Buy a link
2. Comment on a high PR blog site
3. Join a forum community and start talking.

Some sites will sell you ad space. If there is not an open call for available space, you can email the owner and ask, outright. As for the blogs, try to find the highest PR blogs you can find in your niche and place relevant comments in their posts. Use keywords in place of your name. And in the forums, once again, find the high PR forums in your niche and start conversing with the folks there. Not only will your every post have a signature file you can edit with your links, but your own profile will be crawled by the search engines, too.

Those are the 3 easiest ways to enact a solid backlinking campaign. If it seems like too big a job for you to do, you can always outsource the work to others for a fee.

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