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Get Hired As a Freelancer in 7 Days or Less

For whatever reason, many people come running into the world of internet marketing needing quick cash. Being submersed in the industry for the last couple years it’s not surprising to me anymore when I hear of people about to get evicted from their homes, default on loan agreements, and lose everything.

In fact many of the top successful online marketers started out in times of personal financial hardship. Money is a strong motivator, and when you need it you’re willing to try just about anything.

The problem is most internet marketing strategies won’t help you make money in a short amount of time. Sure you can sell all your stuff on Craigslist or eBay, but what if you don’t have anything to sell? Is there really a way to make money fast online?

Luckily, the answer is yes.

Welcome to the world of freelancing. I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now and when I got started I landed my first client in less than a week. Here I’ll share some of my ‘ninja tactics’ so you can do the same.

Which Services to Offer

Your first step is to decide which services you will offer. That decision should be made based on two factors.

1) What skills and abilities do you have?

2) What services are in demand?

Here’s what I did- I went to oDesk.com and browsed through the job categories. I made a list of the categories I had experience or skill in. After about 10 minutes I had a list of 5 potential services I could offer.

Then I looked through the job postings to get an idea of what the average job payout was and how many people needed that service. Based on what I found I decided I would offer article writing services.

Getting Clients from oDesk

oDesk is where I landed my first clients, three within my first two weeks. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Set up a free website at Blogger to showcase your portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio spend a day to write/make samples of your work and upload them to your site.
  • Create a video resume. I used Prezi for the presentation and CamStudio to record it. Just introduce yourself, talk a little about your experience, and most importantly how you can help clients.
  • Apply to at least 10 job postings per day. This will take you a couple hours but if you need the money you should be willing to put in the time.
  • Do some of the work upfront before applying. I landed my first client by writing an article that fit her requirements, attached it to my application and said “there’s more where that came from if you hire me”.  If you’re a graphic designer you can watermark your work before sending to potential clients.
  • Charge a reasonable rate. Don’t expect the moon when starting out, but don’t under-price yourself either.

Follow those tips and you’ll have interviews with potential clients in your first day or two.

Getting Clients from forums

Another place to land clients quickly is on forums. Personally I use the Warrior Forum but you can also check out other forums where website owners hang out. The cool thing about forums is you can put up an advertisement for your service along with a payment button and start getting paid immediately.

Here are a few tips to help you land clients from forums:

  • Research your competition- figure out how you can make your offer better. This may mean offering lower prices, offering more ‘bang for their buck’, or it may just mean you have more experience than your competition and can achieve better results.
  • When writing your ad copy focus on your potential clients instead of yourself. You should tell a little about your background but most of the ad should be about what problems your potential clients are facing and how your service is the solution to those problems.
  • Reviews are very important on forums. You may have to offer your service for free to the first 2-3 customers just to get some reviews. Many people won’t buy a service unless there are reviews.
  • Offer a guarantee. This may be a money-back guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee where you’re willing to re-do the work if they’re not satisfied. Any type of guarantee will make potential clients feel secure and could be the deciding factor that makes them buy.
  • Promote your service in your forum signature.

By using these tips I’ve been able to generate cash within a matter of days and I’m confident you can do the same. Whether you make money or not depends on your level on commitment. You can’t half a** it with any form on internet marketing, you need to either commit yourself 100% or go try something else.

Learn more about internet marketing at my blog at Dan Allard Marketing. There you can download my free guide 21 Red Hot Traffic Generation Strategies.

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