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Google Page Rank FAQ

What is Google Page Rank?
Page rank is a method of defining the popularity of a given website. But to understand the popularity, it is important to understand the search engines. Search engines were invented to do one thing: to crawl the Internet, or web, and to index every single page it finds out there.

Now, that’s a huge database for anyone to have to search through to find anything they might be looking for. In addition to indexing every page, the search engines apply an algorithm to the pages to determine the appropriateness of the page compared to what the searcher is looking for. Google is the biggest search engine out there (at the time of this writing).

Another factor that the search engines, and Google, in particular, takes into account is how popular a website it. The way Google determines the popularity level of a site is to see how many other websites link back to the site in question, taking into account, also, the relevancy of said link to the given website. That is what Google calls page rank. Page rank is a numerical rating system that runs from 0 to 10.

How, exactly, does page rank work?
When Google sends its spiders out to crawl your website, for example, it will make note of all the links it finds. If you link out to other websites that are not your own, Google will see that link as a “vote” for that other website and take it into account when they get around to crawling that website. By the same token, and website out there that Google crawls and finds links back to your site are considered voted for you site, as well.

The weight that those votes carry will depend upon two things: how much page rank the linking site, itself, has and how relevant that site is to yours. If a website out there has, say, a PR of 9 (PR9), and is in the same general niche as your site is, the vote is stronger. If you have a high PR site linking in to yours but is from an unrelated niche, it won’t carry as much weight.

It is better to have links coming to your site from high PR sites, but if the site is not relevant, it may have no weight at all. The more popular Google sees your site through these outside, incoming links, the higher your PR will be AND the higher you will be towards the top of the search engine results pages when someone searches for your niche keywords.

How Do You Improve Page Rank?
Improving your PR can be as easy as running a backlinking campaign. By this, we mean doing the things that will build links back to your site. It would be nearly impossible to find high PR sites out there on your own, so you might want to look into finding programs or plugins that can do this for you, or you can always outsource the job to freelancers.

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