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Have You Noticed An Increase In Deceitful Email Marketing Tactics?

Over time, I have become accustomed to the usual email marketing tactics such as those emails claiming there has been something posted on my facebook wall, this is my 2nd or 3rd notice, something wrong going on in my chase, orchard, or bank of america account, and quite a few others, such as something negative with my paypal account.  However, lately I have started receiving email notices that my account has been suspended, cancelled, limited, or put on hold, and the only way to reactivate is to click on the enclosed link and take some sort of action. The thing is, I have no chase, orchard, bank of america, facebook, or any of those other accounts which the emails telling me I have some message, or I need to take some sort of action in. Yes, I do have a paypal account, but unless I have actually experienced some problem with it, then I know I can discard any emails giving me such notifications.

Another thing recently is that I have had friends to contact me and ask what the email was about that I sent them. For instance, I recently had friends from one of my yahoo email accounts to call or text me asking about an email I sent them, what the site was about, and what I wanted them to do. So, I’m sitting here totally dumbfounded wondering what the heck they talking about. I request they forward a copy to me, and lo and behold, it looks like it actually came from my email account and sent to all my friends on my email list. It is also generally a promotion for some affiliate offer.

The same holds true about the recent rash of emails notifying me that my accounts have been cancelled, suspended, limited or deactivated due to lack of activity, or sales. They have all been emails linking to some type of affiliate offer. Is this what is being preached in email marketing tactics ebooks, guides, and reports now when it comes to subject lines to get your emials opened and to get people to take action? Is email marketing now boiling down to outright deceitfulness and spam? I know that it has been preached for years that it is a numbers game, and the more eyes you can get on your offers, the more sales you’re going to make, but is this the way to do it?

What is the underlying root to all of this? Is it greed, desperation and need because of the economy and job losses, or is it a fact of a growing trend of just don’t give a poop anymore about creating content that provides value and help to others to create a desire in them to subscribe to your email mailing list? Personally, I find it all to be deceitful, dishonest, lazy, and spammy. What are your thoughts, and what have you experienced? have you noticed and increase in deceitful email marketing tactics? Have you jumped on the bandwagon all in the name of making a buck without any regards to integrity, trust, and credibility on your part?

What can we as NicheMozers do to reverse or stop this growing trend of deceitful marketing tactics?

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