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Lourens Pelser is an online entrepreneur who is constantly looking for profitable income streams to share with his subscribers. He is the owner of Nichemap.net and he will be adding content regularly for all aspiring internet marketers.

Have You Started a Blog?

If you answered no to the title of this post then why haven’t you started a blog? A blog is a way to express yourself by writing it and publishing it to the web on your own domain name. If you have a website but no blog attached to that website I can GUARANTEE that you are missing out on lots of great traffic. How? Well by creating content for SEO you are creating articles that people will find and read. If that content that you created is good or GREAT they will want to check out your site as well resulting in a sale or sales lead.

People search and search and of course search in Google every day. I know when I want something I search and most of the time my searches are long tail searches landing me on a forum or a blog also leading me to the main content or the index page (HOME PAGE OF THE SITE).

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