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Here Is A Cheap Method To Drive Traffic Easily

One relatively cheap method of bringing more traffic to your site is to buy ad space in someone else’s eZine publication. Since it will become a matter of percentages, the larger and more well-circulated the eZine, the better your odds of getting lots of traffic.

The Advantages Of eZine Advertising:
Visitors are targeted – When you choose an eZine in your niche, targeting is automatic.
Negotiable ad price and placement – especially as you get to be well known with the list owner, he/she will often allow you to negotiate these items.
Low cost – eZine ads are certainly cheaper than most other forms of advertising.
Long Life – the eZine issues are archived for future reading, which means your ads will still be working months from now.

Where To Find eZines And Newsletters
Here’s a couple of resources for you to help you find the newsletters and ezines you need:
New List – newlist.com
Ezine Search – ezinesearch.com
The Ezine Directory – ezine-dir.com

You can also use the search engines to find the ones you need. Type +ezine +”niche keywords here” or +newsletter +”niche keywords here”
If you get a bunch of ezinearticles.com results in the first query, don’t despair. You can read through some of those articles returned in the SERP and check to see if the authors mention a newsletter or ezine in their resource boxes.

Make Note Of These Points:
A solid plan for your advertising budget only makes sense. You don’t want to just throw your money around, so make a plan and stick to it. Here are some helpful tips.

1. Find the closest match you can to your target audience. Iuf your content is rlelevant, the readers will be interested in your offerings.

2. don’t bother with eZines of poor quality, It will be a waste of your money. They have poor open and read rates. A cheaper ad is still too expensive if no one reads it.

3. Is your competitor already advertising in one of the newsletters you are considering? This is great! It means you found a good match!

4. Where is the eZine offering to place your ads? Right before the main or feature article is preferable. Closer to the top is always better. Some readers never make it to the bottom of the newsletter!

5. Is the newsletter offering sponsored or classified ad space? Sponsored means your ad would be the sponsor of whatever article it is placed near. Classified means they get all lumped together somewhere, like in the newspaper. Guess which one is better? Sponsored, of course.

6. Don’t just buy the first ezine you find. Do some comparison shopping first.

The Next Part Of The Plan
Your next point of consideration is the ad itself. Keep these things in mind:

1. You have less than 5 seconds to grab the readers attention. Make it worth their while. Make it something easy to understand, but impossible to ignore.
2. Easy to read means no complicated imagery or big words. Simple is the way to go.
3. You must include a call to action. Tell your reader what you want him to do.
4. Scarcity is a good motivating factor. The phrase, “While Supplies Last” isn’t a coincidence, it was created to move the reader into action.

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