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How To Bring In Targeted Website Traffic

You should already know how important it is to apply good SEO to your website. It is SEO that the search engine will use to index your site, and if you haven’t done your SEO yet, the search engines won’t know how to classify your site. If that’s the case, then the search engines won’t know to send visitors to your site, either. So, it should be obvious that the first step to getting targeted visitors to your site is through good SEO.

RSS is your next step to bringing in targeted traffic. RSS is an acronym for Real Simple Syndication and it is an excellent way to inform your subscribers every time a now post is made to your blog site. In most blog programs, and certainly in WordPress, the feed is already established. One need only submit it to RSS readers for others to find. Every time you publish a post, the feed reader gets a notice about the post and that information is sent out to the subscribers.

There is an orange and white graphic button that comes with most WP blog themes that you can use to configure the feed reader. Place in conspicuous locations throughout your site, visitors can click on the button to sign up.

You can promote more targeted traffic by giving something away from free, then telling everyone about it. An ebook relevant to your website’s topic, or perhaps a bit of useful software can be offered to your visitors free of charge. Everyone loves getting something for nothing, so they will likely appreciate such a gesture and tell others about your site. The ebooks and software can be branded with your website address and link.

The giveaway is a great idea, and here’s a way to ramp that idea up. In exchange for getting your freebie item, people can give you their email address. You can then use their address to send them site updates and other stuff. These mailings are called an ezine and are coordinated with the use of an autoresponder. You can load the autoresponder with pre-written messages and whenever you have something special to share, you can send out something called a blast.

A really great way to get the attention of targeted traffic is through the use of something called article marketing. There are these sites on the Internet called article directories. They are simply repositories of web content that can be shared and syndicated. What makes this an excellent method is that it is viral. A webmaster comes along to the article directory, reads your article and likes it well enough that he wants to post it on his site. The article directories encourage this. Not only is this a great way to spread the word about your website, it is a fantastic offline SEO tactic, whereby you gain backlinks from the article, no matter where it is posted.

You see, at the end of the article, you are allowed to include something called a resource box. When you craft the resource box correctly, it will contain links to your website and an active call to action for folks to clink on the link and visit. When the webmaster comes along to collect the article for reposting on his site, he must include your resource box, completely intact.

To round out our list of methods to get targeted traffic to your website, we have blog commenting and forum posting. With blog commenting, you go out and find blogs in your niche and make pertinent comments on the posts you find there. This is not only a great way to leave a link to your site, but you can make some great niche-related friends.

As a blog owner yourself, you know how nice it is to get legitimate comments to your posts. Very often, the blog owners may even venture over to your site to reciprocate. In any case, eventually you are going to come across the infamous Internet cockroach: spammers who will leave stupid, pointless, off-topic comments with the hopes that you are not paying attention and they have a permanent backlink. This is why I stress that you make pertinent comments… unless you want me to call you an Internet cockroach. 😀

As for forum posting, the really cool thing about forums is that when you join, you get to make a profile. In that profile, you can create a signature file that includes any links you want to include. The signature file will attach itself to every post you make in the forum. Every post is another backlink.

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