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How To Get Accepted And Approved By The Most Profitable CPA Network Merchants

Getting accepted by the most profitable CPA networks is one thing, but getting accepted and approved by the most profitable merchants within the network is something else entirely different. Initially, I’d considered adding this as a post to the forum thread located at http://nichemap.net/forum/adsense-ppc-cpa-seo-forum/6318.htm#post53723 which teaches you how to get accepted by the top profitable CPA Networks. However, it was later decided this would serve you better as a stand-alone blog post, and I hope you take action, and prosper with what you will learn here.

Okay, so let’s get to it. As I’ve already stated in the forum thread above – getting accepted by a CPA network is one thing on it’s own because it is only one entity you’re looking for approval from. However, within a CPA network, you make your money by promoting the various merchants and their products or services. Some CPA network may only have a few hundred merchants, but then there are some of the most popular ones that big profit merchants use, or flock to that will host thousands of merchants.

Now that is where the real effort comes in at… trying to get accepted and approved by all the merchants whose products or services you wish to promote and make money with. You see, out of the hundreds, or perhaps thousands of merchants, every one of them are different. So what may get you accepted by the first one, may not get you accepted and approved by the next five or more.

If only there was some set system, or wording you could use to get accepted and approved by every merchant, it would be a walk in the park, and less stressful trying to figure out what to say to each merchant you apply to. Well there isn’t such a system that I know of. However, I have worked out wording, or what to say to each merchant that has proven to get me a 87% approval rate.

For instance, recently, in one of the most profitable CPA networks, I applied to 46 different merchants whose offers fell within a certain category I wished to use to fatten my bank account with.  I’d previously had nothing but money making winners out of this particular category, so now, thanks to a free plug-in I found, I can ramp it up to bring in what I see possible as a couple hundred dollars or so a day.

You see, millions of people have an addiction to what is in this CPA particular category. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that nearly 60 million Americans alone are involved in it annually, and upwards of over 25% of them are addicted. I have used this particular category to bank for nearly six years now, but only on a small scale level. Now that I have found the free plug-in, I’m going to go all hog and make it run full time. Once I have it set up, it’ll run on it’s own, and large numbers of daily free traffic will be driven to it without any effort on my part.

I’m going to keep it under my hat for now because I’ll be documenting everything, and plan to make a killing selling the information because I already know it’s going to be a hot seller for a long time to come. However, VIP members here at NicheMoz just might get it for free, or at the very least, the basics of it.

Anyhow, getting back on point, as I said previously, I applied to 46 merchants in a particular CPA category using the wording which I have now tweaked to constantly give me at least an 87% success and approval rate. Out of the 46 merchants, 40 of them instantly approved me in under 24 hours. Out of the six that denied me, half of them would have accepted me if I had omitted just one thing in my application. Oh, and this approval rate has been documented and verified.

In CPA networks, all merchants want their offers promoted in a certain way. Some do not want banner traffic, then there are some who love it. Some do not want PPC traffic because it is considered worthless incentive traffic to them, and you will find a lot of merchants that feel that way. There are some merchants who do not even like traffic that is driven to their offer by content you’ve written. That’s where I messed up with three of the merchants who denied my application. I found that out when I went back and read their types of acceptable traffic. If I had been more careful, I would have achieved a 93% approval rate.

Okay, here’s the icing on the cake as far as this entire post is concerned because now I am about to give you the exact wording I have used to achieve a 87% CPA merchants approval rate. As I said, had I omitted just one thing, I would have achieved a 93 % approval rate. Ready for this? Okay, here it is.

I will promote your offer through approved creatives, as well as content, and reviews on offer appropriate web sites and blogs. When appropriate, this will also include promotion through social networking.”

Notice that it is written in such a way as if you’re actually sitting in front of the merchant for an actual job interview.  I have found that merchants like that personal touch. After all, a real person is going to be reading and approving your application most of the times. Now let’s further pick this apart. Note the wording “through approved creative”. From my experience, upwards of about 90% of the merchants have their own image or text banners, text links, emails, subjects, subjects, and some even have their own articles you can use when promoting their offers.

In CPA, these are known as creatives, and merchants feel good when they hear you say you will use their already approved creatives to promote their offers. You can also make your own, but do get them approved by the merchant before you use them. Next is “content and reviews on offer appropriate web sites and blogs”. You are telling the merchant that you will put forth some effort by writing content about their offer, and you are going to make them and their offer look good through reviews. You also are letting them know that you will not promote their offer on a site or blog that is not appropriate such as an adult site… unless of course, it is an adult type offer such as sexy singles chat line.

However, otherwise merchants do not like to see their offers being promoted on offer inappropriate mediums, but they love to see that you value their reputation and offer to not cheapen either of them. Finally, we have “through social networking”. Now days more and more merchants are jumping on the social network band wagon for advertising. You see it on the largest like FaceBook, right on down to the little known social networks. It just flat out works for them. When you tell most merchant you will be using social networking as a part of your promotion, in the merchant’s mind, this is the next best thing to word of mouth advertising… which is still touted after all these years as being the most powerful and effective form of advertising.

Before submitting your application to a merchant, read the types of traffic accepted, and omit any wording which is conducive to your promotion efforts. Although I have given you the wording I have used to achieve such high approval rate, it would not make sense for everyone to start applying to merchants using the same exact wording. Use that gray matter lying between your ears to think outside the box, and add your own twist to it, or better yet, simply your own wording to reflect the same inclusives. Also, do live up to your words that you tell the merchant you’re going to do. After all, your integrity and credibility is on the line.

Now get out there and make bank on this CPA cash cow. In the words of my favorite intellectual hero… “Live long and prosper”.

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