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Internet Market Advertising You Should Avoid – The Ready Made Blog

Once you’ve decided that you want to try your hand at making money online, you suddenly find yourself in the internet marketing world filled with lots of advertising of ideas, claims, theories, reviews, and niches. You note that blogging is a good way to start your online money making venture because of the many features, themes, plugins, content, advice, and simplicity offered for, and through WordPress.

Somewhere along the line, your eyes fall on what appears to be a simple, and best way to get started. However, in reality, it is one internet market advertising you should avoid – ready made blog!

But the price is right you say. You see them selling for a little less than $10 with an average price range of no more than $30! They come with all those pretty graphics and images, logos, headers, 20 or more plr articles, a list of keywords, and the simple ability to add your own adsense publisher’s code. Wow, a fantastic deal right? Wrong! Now let’s break it down, and see why it is so wrong, and why you should avoid these advertisements when you see them.

The price is right because they are selling for under $10, on up to an average price of only $30. Of course the price seems right because the price is set for the purpose of volume selling. That means they are offered at such low prices because they are made available to you, and thousands of others, including your granddaddy’s dog. When the seller is making these ready made blogs available to any and everyone who will buy, do you think they are looking out for your best interest, and care about you making money? No! They only thing the sellers are thinking about is their own bottom line, and how much money they can stuff into their own pockets multiplied by the number of ready made blogs they can sell.

They come with all those graphics and images! yes, they do, and so do the ones that everyone else buy – the same graphics, images, logos, and headers. Granted, but if you not the first one to purchase one of these ready made blogs, and the first one to publish using the graphics and images that come with it, what good are they to you? Unless you are the first, everyone else see you as being a copycat, or pirating other folks stuff. So, in order to avoid that, you need to make new graphics and images in order to be unique to your particular. If you haven’t spent hundreds of dollars for photo shop, or learned gimp, you’re going to have to pay someone at least $100 to design you new graphics, images, and a logo.

Ready made blog comes with 20 prewritten plr articles. Yes it does, but again, same as graphics, so did every other’s buyer’s blog – the same articles. What are the chances of you being the first to use those articles so they be seen as original? The chances are slim to none, even if the seller claims that the articles have not been sold or used anywhere else before. You’re going to have to be the first to publish your blog and use those articles. Otherwise you’re going to have to spend hours upon hours rewriting the articles to make them unique to your blog. Yes, you can outsource it to someone in fiverr to rewrite for you at a cost of $5.00 each. So that’s another $100 you will spemd for articles alone.

Okay, so far you have had to spend $200 om a ready made blog just to make the graphics and articles unique. That, or you have spent ten, or countless numbers of hours doing it yourself. How much is your time per hour worth?

Next, you have the keywords list that came with the ready made blog. Again, so do hundreds or thousands of others have those same keywords. You’re going to run into the same problem of duplication as you did with the graphics and articles. You have to make them unique to your blog. Again, you’re going to have to spend countless numbers of hours researching and digging for your own unique targeted keywords that noone else is try to rank for. Either that, or once again, you pay to outsource it. If you don’t spend at least five hours at minimum wage rate of $7.25 and hour, you’re going to have to pay someone else to do it for you. Doing it yourself, working at mininum wage of $7.25/hr., it has just cost you another $36.00. So far that ready made blog has cost you $236.00, and you still haven’t gotten it published yet.

The simple ability to add your adsense publisher’s ID. Everyone else has that same thing, and you all trying to make money from low paying adsense click targeting the same keywords. So, once again, you need to make your blog unique, and stop trying to compete against hundreds, or thousands of others. So, you need to purchase different plugins to give you the capability to make more money than the highly competetive adsense ads. Maybe you want a plugin that will allow you to profit from clickbank ads, other affiliate ads, or maybe even CPA ads or offers. What will this plugin cost you, another $10 or $20? let’s be conservative and go with $10. Now you have a running tally of $246.00 spent on a ready made blog that is still not ready to be published as a unique site.$266.00 you have to spend to make your ready made blog unique and competetive in your chosen niche.

Now, after all the money and time spent on everything, you need to upload and install it all on your hosting account. Can you do that, or do you need to pay someone at least another $20 to do it for you, and make sure everything it working properly If you do it yourself, how much is your time worth for doing all of that, activating your plugins, and getting your articles published? So far, you are now running up a cost of $286.00 for your ready mady blog, and that’s not including the twenty bucks you paid for the blog itself. If we factor that in, we can conservatively say $300 for everything before you finally have a unique niche blog published ready to make you money.

Well dang, that ready made blog really wasn’t a good deal after all was it, especially with no guarantee you’ll even make a single dime of your money back? Now does it all make sense to you, and you see why I say to avoid internet market advertising for a ready made blog? Is there an alternative Is there something you could have did to svae all that money and time? Is there some kind of way you could have gotten a gurantee yor blog would make money, or you suffer no risk or loss?

YES! You could have saved a lot of time and money, and went over to http://nichebang.com, told them the niche you wanted to make money online in, and you would have spent a minimum of just $60 to have your own unique blog with all the bells and whistles, articles, domain name, articles, optimization, plugins, installation, how to make money with your blog, plus, a guarantee that you’ll make money from the blog itself, or be able to sell it for at least what you paid for it. If neither of those things happen for you, they will buy it back from you for what you paid for it!

On top of all that, you also get a premimum theme that is unique to you alone, backlinks, social bookmarking integration, a spreadsheet documenting everything, and a profit making hand over guide for your success – all that for only 6o bucks!

Heck, even if you went with their premimum package, you’d still spend much less than $300.00 for everything mentioned above, plus, 5000 do-follow backlink submissions ($500 value), Google Plus integration ($50 value),  Twitter integration to have twitter account tweet when you have a new post ($50 value), Custom Twitter background ($100 value), 100 social bookmarks ($50 value), Custom logo in header ($100 value), Ping.fm account setup with complete setup of all working accounts, and 50 social bookmarks pointing to your homepage ($25 value). Still for much less than the $300 a so called ready made blog would have cost you. We not even going to mention the time in days or weeks you would save.

Can you believe that, and all with the same make money, sell, or buy back guarantee? So, as you now see, there is internet market advertising you should avoid – the ready made blog. Now one question to you. Why are you still here reading when you should have been over at http://nichebang.com  already grabbing this one of a kind no risk money making opportunity?

Get going!

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