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Lourens Pelser is an online entrepreneur who is constantly looking for profitable income streams to share with his subscribers. He is the owner of Nichemap.net and he will be adding content regularly for all aspiring internet marketers.

Is NicheMoz VIP Worth It?

We are seeing a surge of new members joining NicheMoz, and with that, new members on our VIP private forum. Although the information in the normal forums have been top quality (and growing at a rapid, daily pace!), we have seen the best of what NicheMoz has to offer added to the VIP section by VIP members themselves, as well as myself and Kevin

We would like to remind everyone that everything that is included in the VIP section is free to download AND opt-in free. This means you will not have to jump through any hoops and sign up for lists to get your hands on the GREAT products inside. Just click the link and download the product. Simple as that! Posters in the VIP are welcome to include an opt-in as an option, but MUST also have a CLEARLY VISIBLE no opt-in option. If you find a listing that violates this we will speak to the member that posted it and make sure it is changed ASAP.

Another feature that we have penciled in is exclusive JV’s with VIP members only. This means that we will have JV opportunities available that will not be available anywhere else on the internet. Talk about VIP exclusive perks!! We currently have a few JV projects in the works that we will be presenting to VIP members in the comings months.

Of course the real value of the VIP membership comes from the VIP members themselves. As they contribute, this entices more people to sign up and contribute themselves, and pretty soon we have a VIP section large enough to call a community!

So far it is going great and it will only get better. Remeber, the cost to join is only $9.97 for the first 50 members. After that the price will escalate $2 for every 50 members (that may change to a lower number if we get a serious influx). Take advantage of the introductory price and join the growing VIP community.

Click here to see all the benefits and how you can join


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