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Is Pinterest Really A Viable Tool For Internet Marketing?

Howdy All,

I am back once again to talk about Pinterest. I promise you that I will keep this short because I know I can get long winded at times. Okay, as you probably know already from all the raves about it, Pinterest is the fastest growing social network to hit the internet. In spite of all the WSO, articles, reports, ads, and graphics popping up all over the place about Pinterest, is it really a viable tool for internet marketing?

In my personal evaluation through use and experimentation of Pinterest, I say Yes it is. However, that will depend on how you approach and use it as an internet marketer. You see, one very important thing you have to look at, and that is the fact that Pinterest is mainly comprised of women and their interests. So many studies and statistics show that women are the largest buying segment, and buying influence of the population.

When you go to Pinterest, this is very clear and evident.

So, in your internet marketing efforts, if you have a blog, web site, or sell or promote products that appeal to women – Pinterest should be a part of your marketing efforts.

I often have looked at what typical internet marketers are doing on Pinterest, and when it comes to most of them, I do not see the proof of what they are claiming in their reports, articles, or ebooks as far as building mailing lists, getting subscribers, and making sales.

I say that based on what they have pinned on Pinterest. With the exception of a few other internet marketers, I don’t see them having a significant following. Nor do I see their pins being repinned by others. The one thing that really sticks out about what the internet marketers are doing on Pinterest, is the fact that what they are doing does not grab the interest of the women.

Those women on Pinterest aren’t interested in the WSO of the day, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, graphics, web design, CPA, SEO, list building, or any of the other typical internet marketing topics. They are interested and drawn to things that appeal to women and their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

The women on Pinterest are also attracted to visual images that are themed towards women in some sort of way. This is something to remember to remind, or urge you to use images in your articles or content.

Pictures, and images about fashion, travel, family, babies, kids, house decor and decorating, gardening, dieting and weight loss, and quite a few others. Women are also drawn to events that pull at the emotional strings, such as weddings. Women are also drawn to things which involve reaching out and helping others. Remember that pictures and images are the main attractions on Pinterest, and they should be associated with what I have mentioned.

So final analylsis of Pinterest being a viable social network and tool for internet marketing, YES – as long as it falls with the parameters of the interests of the women on Pinterest – who represent the largest buying segment, and influence on buying.

Okay, I’m done now. Hope I kept it short enough for you. Until next time, be well, be blessed, and prosper in good health.


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