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…like how Apple Reinvented the Phone, this guy reinvented List Building

It all changes today.

List Building as we know it is like the Cassette Player  and the NEW List Building is like the iPod.

Making Money as a Marketer the old way is like using a Motorola StarTAC phone and the NEW way is like having the only SMART PHONE.

The person responsible for this “Disruptive innovation” is John Cornetta?

Never heard of John Cornetta?


The guy has only built one of the LARGEST, most targeted, active lists in Internet Marketing history.

TOTAL: 350,000 optin subscribers
TIME: 14 Months

Yep, FASTER than almost anyone before him in the industry


How did he do it?

Well if you know the term “Disruptive innovation”, it is when an innovation comes along and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market.


– The mass production of Ford Model-T making it affordable for the masses

– How iTunes Killed the CD / Cassette Model

– How digital photography has nearly killed a once thriving Kodak






John Cornetta used his “Street Smarts” to  not just REINVENT, but DISRUPT the List Building Model as we know it.

And those that take his EASILY DUPLICATABLE method will reap the rewards.

His methods are FRESH and can be used by  anyone that knows how to read an eMail.

Look at what one of top List Building Marketer’s said

– – – – –

“John Cornetta did in 14 months what it took me years to do. While I have one of the largest lists in the Internet Marketing industry, I now Mastermind with John Cornetta to help take me to an even higher level. This is the most up to date List Building Strategy on the market today. Grab it”

– Mike Filsaime

– – – – – –

John has documented what the experts are calling: “The Most Up To Date List Building Strategy” and he has compiled it into a STEP-BY-STEP simple course you can complete by today.

This changes EVERYTHING

Disrupt your current “Status Quo” results and FINALLY get a REAL product that you can put to work for you TODAY and start seeing results


Get there fast. I’m not sure how long it will be around or even at this price.



Kevin and Maggie

P.S.. -Ask yourself this

“How would a 350,000 optin email list change my life?”

…heck, what if you only had 10% or even 1% of that. What would that be worth?


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