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Link Building Basics

No one argues the point that links and link building are a major factor in improving the ranking of any given website. Nearly every webmaster takes it to be a highly important task, whether they see to it themselves or pay others to take care of it for them. It is important enough to pay for! The search engines place a high value on the number and quality, and yes, even the type of links that point back to your website.

So, what does this involve, exactly, this link building strategy? I will go over some aspects of this work in this articles, including type of links and where best to place them. These tips will lead to a success campaign to improve your website’s rankings in the search engines.

First, let’s talk about the types of links that are best to use and what they involve. There are 3 main types of links that you can use: anchor text links, URL links and name links.

1. URL links. These are very straightforward. They are simply links made using the URL of the page you wish to target. While it is a useful type of link, it has only one benefit, that of pointing to your website. It’s still a useful link, but you can do better with the other two types.

2. Name links. In this case, you will use the name of the page or what the page is about as the clickable link. In essence this is a lot like anchor text linking, but without the benefit of using a targeted keyword. Placed in the right place, this link is still valuable. As it will connect your site with its subject.

3. Anchor Text links. These are the most valuable type of link, as it not only points back to your site, but it does so by connecting a specific, well-researched keyword phrase that you want the search engines to associate with your website. If you are writing for a blog about reptile care, for example, this type of link would specify the phrase, “Iguana feeding” instead of a generalized name or page title link.

So, basically, you now understand that there are three types of links that are most used. The search engines look at them for the purpose of categorizing and ranking your site. Knowing that a targeted, well-researched anchor text link is the most favorable type of link to use, now it is time to figure out where to place these links.

A link is a link is a link, right? Wrong! A link, in Google’s eyes, on a page it has deemed as not having a lot of page rank itself, is not completely worthless, but darn close. A thousand links from websites that have page ranks of 0 are not going to do you much good. They may or may not do something, but how long will it take you to get links on that many sites/ When, instead of going for the u thousands of links of these sites, why not aim higher and get hundreds of links on higher page ranked sites? How do you know what page rank a website holds? There are widgets you can get for free, or you can use an online service like SiteAnalysisDesk.com to learn the PR number of any site out there.

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