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Little Known Way To Discover People’s Online Interests, And Cash In On Them

What I am about to share with you here is something that I have never shared with anyone else anywhere, so this is another NicheMoz exclusive. It is about a little known way to discover people’s online interests, and cash in on them. I hope you will use it and profit abundantly.

However, before we get to it, let me ask you a question. How much money do you really think you can make online if you knew what interested people the most, and could offer them something new that pleased their interests? You’re probably thinking in figures right now, and those figures are big.

Well, one of the ways I have been quietly raking in a nice passive income is by using a method I have never seen anyone else using or talking about. What I do is create softwares that I call PMS Machines(passive money software machines), and give them away. Right off the bat I know you’re probably saying that you have no knowledge of programming or coding to create software, nor do you have the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars that it can cost to have someone create software for you. However, don’t fret because I’m going to show you right here how to do it in less than half an hour right on your computer without any knowledge other than what you currently have.

To make this as simple as possible, I’m going to run it down to you step-by-step how I do it and cash in. Ready? Okay, let’s get to it.

1. I head to “All Things Now” located at http://www.allthingsnow.com. You probably have never heard of this site before, but as you’re going to see, it can make you a lot of money if you use it the way I am going to show you. What this site does is track and post the most shared content in social media. It shows you what has been shared on FaceBook, YouTube, and other social sites – how many times it has been shared, and how long people have been sharing the content.

2. Up at the very top of the site, over to the left, you will see “today”, “this week”, and “all time”. this is the timeframe of the most shared content. Otherwise, the most shared content for the day, for the week, and the most shared content of all time. I usually choose “all time” and see what catches my eye. I look for something that I know there are affiliate commission products and CPA offers for. Many times I will select categories and see what the all time most shared content is for that particular category. Then again, like today, I went in there and used the search box to look for something that I know there are plenty of articles about, affiliate commission products, and CPA offers.

For instance, before writing this article, I went in there and typed in “world of warcraft”. Then I clicked on “all time” to see what would pop up. Lo and behold, something caught my eye. It was world of warcraft cataclysm. So, I decided to make a software around that most shared in FaceBook topic because I knew there were plenty of articles in ezinearticles on it, there is a ton of affiliate products in clickbank on it, and there are some CPA offers on it.

3. I go to clickbank and select a product or two, or I may select one clickbank affiliate product, and one CPA offer, like I did today.

4. If I use articles I will put them or the link to them into a folder that I will name according to the content I chose.

5. I then go to Youtube or some other video sharing site and select a video based on the most shared content that I chose. Today, I used a Youtube video. I put the video html in the folder along with the articles. However, today I didn’t use any articles. Now, I’m all set to create my software that I will give away.

6. I open up my software creator tool, and load all the links and/or articles, and video links into it. I also add any images I choose to use.

7. I click create, and poof, I have just created my own software without any knowledge of programming or coding. The first time I created a software, it took me about an hour to do. As I got better at getting my stuff together and using the software, I can now create a software product in about 15 minutes. You can download a free fully functional copy of the software creator tool at http://mtg.marketingsoftwarestore.co…oftwarebuilder. As I said, this is a fully functionally software and you can do everything I have just described except you will not be able to share or distribute the software products you create. In order to do that, you have to purchase the software creator tool. But just play around with your trial version of it until you ready to start making money.

8. I then upload my newly created software to various free software and ebook download directories.

That’s it, I’m all done. People will go to the various sites and download the free software for years to come for as long as there’s an interest in the topic. So keep that in mind when creating your software and choose topics which are evergreen like those in the health, wealth, relationships, and self help niches. This will give your software a very long shelf life that may never end for as long as there are people having problems in those niches.

Once you’re comfortable with using the software creator tool, you could set aside a couple of hours a week and create 32 passive money software machines(PMS Machines) a month. A heck of a lot more if you set aside two hours a day. Then they will just set online silently being downloaded and making passive income for you for months or maybe even many years to come without you doing anything else.

Want to see the software I created today that I will upload to many free software and ebook download sites and directories? Okay, no problem, I figured you’d probable want to see how this software turns out and function, that’s why I created a special download page for you to get it and future products I put in the for NicheMozers.

You can download a copy of the software I created today at: This is a private page and can not be seen or accessed by other visitors to the site. It’s for NicheMozers use only.

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