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Media Buying

A site usually lives or dies by the number of people that pass through its virtual doors each and every day. You might very well have the greatest website ever developed by man, but if no one sees it, what’s the point? Most website owners believe that the only way to get targeted visitors to their site is to develop SEO strategies that will have them ranking at the top of the search engines on a regular basis. While that is definitely a good idea, it’s not the only way to get a nice flow of traffic to your site. The key to that may in fact be in loosening the purse strings and paying to have visitors delivered to your website.

I’m sure that most of you immediately thought of Google Adsense or some other form of CPC advertising, but that’s not what we are talking about here. It’s not a method that is used that commonly right now, which is why media buying might very well be THE strategy to help give your visitor numbers a real kick in the pants. Media buying is exactly what it sounds like, which is that you go directly to the publisher of another site and offer to buy ad space from them. Chances are you might already be contacting site owners for backlinking purposes, so why not try something different and see if they will sell you some banner space on their site?

This can be a cost effective technique that will bring you a solid amount of targeted traffic, but it can also go south very quickly if you simply start running around the internet and buying every banner space you see. You are going to want to choose the sites you advertise on carefully if you want to see some positive ROI. If this is a technique that you have never attempted before, then you are probably wondering where to begin. A good place to start is on social bookmarking sites like Reddit or Delicious, all of which will be able to provide you with a list of websites that may be perfect for your media buying campaigns.

Keep in mind that you could go to well-known, established sites in order to buy space, but you are likely to end up paying a lot more for the privilege, which makes turning a profit that much harder. If you decide to use the social bookmarking sites for ideas, then begin by performing a search using keywords that are relevant to your niche. This will throw up a number of results, which you should then peruse to find websites that are in your industry and seem to be of a high quality.

The things that you should be looking for in a quality site are those that have active forums or discussion groups. This is a sure sign that the visitors to that site are involved and responsive, which bodes well for your media buying efforts. You should also look for open ad spaces or spots where the site owner has placed their own ads. If the site is overrun with ads, then you should avoid it like the plague, since your message is sure to get lost in the crowd.

If advertising rates are not readily available on the site, you will need to contact the owner in order to be given a quote. This could end up being something as simple as a flat rate for “X” number of days, or may be along the lines of a cost per thousand (CPM) views. Either way, you will want to get an idea of how many visitors the site regularly receives, so that you can get a basic idea of what sort of audience you can expect to see your ads. It’s a good idea to do this for several sites, as this will allow you to weigh their offers against one another.

You are likely to find that the prices you are quoted will differ wildly, even when the amount of traffic that each site receives is exactly the same. There are always going to be site owners that place too high a value on the traffic they receive, which is why you need to get more than one quote. Don’t be afraid to haggle over pricing, and also don’t be afraid to play the sites off against  one another in order to negotiate a better price. You and the publisher are both in this to make money, so take time to negotiate a price where you both feel that you can benefit from the transaction.

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