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Money Tips from The 4 Hour Workweek

The 4 Hour Workweek is a highly successful book from an author called Timothy Ferris that attempts to teach people ‘Lifestyle Design’. This is essentially the process of rearranging your lifestyle so that it works for you – rather than working for the system, it means getting the system to work for you so that you have more free time and more money as well.

The book was something of a revelation and spawned a whole movement of ‘digital nomads’ who used technology to work remotely and experience adventures across the globe as they did. Since then it has seen various new editions and sold huge numbers, but it has still mainly only been read by entrepreneurs and budding web-marketers. This is a shame seeing as the lessons it contains can be used by anyone to great effect. Read on and let’s look at some of the best financial tips you can take from it and apply to your life – even if you are happy working in an office.

The Problem

Timothy Ferris starts out by explaining that not all cash is made equally. Most people measure their ‘wealth’ by looking simply at the amount they make per month or per year. Tim suggests that looking at the amount you make per hour makes much more sense. In other words, if you earn $40,000 per month but work only two days a week, you are in a sense much ‘wealthier’ than someone who earns ‘$100,000’ per month working 7-7 five days a week.

The goal then shouldn’t be just to earn money, but to earn money such that it enables the lifestyle you want. You shouldn’t be in a position where you can’t just make the decision right now to go for a walk. Surely that is the very most fundamental of expressions of human freedom?

Getting the System to Work for You

So what do you do? Well of course if you’re technologically and entrepreneurially minded you can set up some kind of online business that will generate revenue for you in a very hands-off manner. That could mean creating a hit app. It could mean writing and selling an e-book. It could mean buying and selling websites for a marked-up price. There are countless ways you can make money passively, and by setting up a few you can leave your days working in an office for dust.

Alternatively if you are happy working for your employers then you could simply try to negotiate flexi-time or the freedom to work from home. Most people can complete a day’s work in a fraction of the time when they work from home and have the option to use the rest of that time freely. In fact, once you work from home you could even outsource some of your job to other people – or work your current job and set up a passive business as well.

Whatever your goals, whether to save for home loan or to go on an amazing holiday, these tips can help you to live a much freer life and have more money to spare.

This article has been authored by Kristina Parker. Kristina is a freelance blogger and work-from-home entrepreneur who likes to rely only on social media platforms and local advertising to promote her business. You can also follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

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