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New Contest: Post the Most!

I would like to announce a new contest. The person with the most posts between the time that they register for the contest and October 15th will win 3 months free hosting courtesy of HostGut.com. Here are the rules for the contest.

1. You must reply to this thread saying that you would like to take part in the contest and tell us your current post count as of replying to this message. Since everyone is not starting at zero and we do not (yet, still looking) have a mod to show us the number of posts a certain user has in a certain time period, we need to log your post count when you reply to make sure all is done fair.

2. You may not reply to any ‘New Member Introduction’ thread that was not started before you entered the contest.

3. Any posts that are not quality posts will be deleted and not counted towards your total. These posts include but are not limited to ‘Thanks for posting’, ‘PM sent’, ‘bump’, etc…..I think you get the point.

4. No more than 5 posts will count towards your total from the Off-Topic Forum

5. Post and Threads from any forum (except as outlined in rule 2 and 4) will count towards your total, including the VIP section and Marketplace.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks

Click here to enter the contest

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