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Lourens Pelser is an online entrepreneur who is constantly looking for profitable income streams to share with his subscribers. He is the owner of Nichemap.net and he will be adding content regularly for all aspiring internet marketers.

New VIP Membership Features

I have added some great new features to the NicheMoz VIP membership.  Some of the notable feature changes include:

– Unlimited Special Offer Postings
– Unlimited $5 Gig Postings
– More sig links
– Graphical sig links

And the biggest feature change of all….a new incentive program based on the Experience Points System.  The more points you earn, the more features and services you get from NicheMoz.com.  Here’s a breakdown of the points milestones to achieve and the features/services associated with them:

500:    One free 400-word article on any topic courtesy of NicheBang.com
1000:    RSS Submission to 100 directories for up to 5 of your feeds
1500:    A review of your website posted on NicheMoz.com homepage with url
2000:    A broadcast of your Internet Marketing offer to my network of over 10,000 contacts
2500:    30-minute consultation with owner Kevin Perry for advice on anything IM related
3000:    500 backlinks created for a website of your choice
3500:    A 300×250 banner created for you and featured on NicheMoz.com homepage for one month
4000:    One hour consultation with owner Kevin Perry for advice on anything IM related
4500:    One free Silver Package niche site courtesy of NicheBang.com
5000:    The ability to send one email to the NicheMoz community on an Internet Marketing topic
10000:    25% profit share with all VIP members at 10000 point level.

Users must be a VIP member at the time of reaching one of the milestones to receive the feature or service.  These incentives are subject to review before receiving to make sure that no abuse of the system has occurred.  Incentives and milestones are also subject to change.

For a complete breakdown of all the features a NicheMoz VIP member will get and payment information, please visit http://nichemap.net/nichemoz-vip

There will also be a price change to accommodate these new features.  The VIP membership will now be a monthly cost of $4.97.  Current VIP members will not be subject to any price changes.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

2 Responses to “New VIP Membership Features”

  1. WOW!

    So much for only $4.97 per month, one would have to be crazy not to avail themselves of this VIP membership.

    Just imagine what 500 back links can do for your website and all you have to do is get to 3000 points, or 1 hour one on one with Kevin Perry – an expert in the field of IM for only 4000 points, how much would you have to pay for this on the open market?

    Amazing offer!

    December 18, 2011 at 9:38 pm Reply
    • Thanks Maggie! I feel its a great way to give back to the VIP members!

      December 18, 2011 at 10:13 pm Reply

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