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Niche Marketing – A Definition

So, what is this thing called Niche marketing, anyway? If we separate the words and define them, and then do a mashup, we get a combo that means an “opportunity to buy and/or sell products specific to an area of demand.”  It is, in fact, a way of selling products specifically to a targeted audience. If you are selling lanterns, the world, in general, is not going to beat a path to your doorway, but  anyone needing and/or wanting lanterns will.

A company that makes computers for different needs will, for example, use niche marketing. While selling a graphics-intensive PC to a family with children, they will sell the same computer with more professional applications to businesses.

By delving into specific niches in this way, advertising funds go a lot farther. Advertising to the world at large is a whole lot more expensive that targeting a smaller, more closely defined market.

The aim of niche marketing is to meet the needs and desires of its target audience. So, when you have a product that is designed and for and marketed to dog owners, for example, cat owners will ignore your efforts. Marketing to a general population is like trying to sell dog food to cat owners.

Cat owners are just not going to care and who would blame them? If you have a kick-butt ebook on the pleasures of gardening, don’t be surprised when the singers of the world, who are looking for voice lessons, ignore your offer. Does that make sense?

Niche marketing is the most inexpensive way to sell products to the exact right people at the exact right time, when they are looking for it. Whatever your product, someone is looking for it at any given time. By placing yourself in front of them as they search, you are sure to draw their attention and make sales.

As you go along and gain more experience with the needs and wants of your target audience, you will find that your ability to jump ahead of them will improve. By tweaking your products, and refining them to better meet the needs of your customers, your business will continue to grow instead of stagnate.

If you have been confused about where to start with your new Internet Marketing career, or if you are looking to expand, take a moment and clearly define for yourself exactly what type of niche market you would like to start working within. By narrowing your focus this much, your search for the right product to sell will become infinitely easier.


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