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Lourens Pelser is an online entrepreneur who is constantly looking for profitable income streams to share with his subscribers. He is the owner of Nichemap.net and he will be adding content regularly for all aspiring internet marketers.

NicheMoz Changing Focus

Hi all,

just wanted to let everyone know that the public portion of the Nichemoz forum is closing. With the business we are currently getting on NicheBang.com, we do not have time to moderate and provide the level of support needed to run a public forum.


In it’s absence, we will be revamping the NicheMoz blog to provide more how-to articles, videos, plr products, podcasts, and a private forum for vip members only to discuss strategies in private as well as the possibility of group projects. The private forum will be free for existing VIP members and we will be working out a subscription structure for new members.


We will be encouraging visitors to contact us regarding becoming a contributor of posts to the nichemoz blog. The homepage is currently PR2 and will keep rising with the addition of new material. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at admin@nichemap.com


We look forward to seeing you on the blog and reading/responding to your comments!


Take care,


Kevin Perry

Co-owner of NicheMoz.com


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