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Pinterest – The FaceBook Replacement And Ethics?

Have you heard about Pinterest? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to use it to brand yourself and become known across the internet? Do you know how you can use it to make money? Think it may replace FaceBook one day, just as FaceBook replaced MySpace and many others? Your guess is as good as mine, but from the momentum that it is gathering and the hundreds of thousands of people joining, and talking about it – I wouldn’t be surprised at the outcome of this either way.

Pinterest in a fast climbing social network that has so many peple raving about it. I first heard about it from Tiffany Dow. As a matter of fact, rather than trying to explain Pinterest in my own words, I’ll just quote Tiffany from her hot selling $1 WSO.

“is where ordinary men and women are now going to “pin” their “interests.” This isn’t some spammy marketer site. And please don’t ruin it for everyone and make it one! It’s really nothing more than a bookmarking site, but the way this place did it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! Even celebrities are Pinning.

It’s become an addiction. There’s even a running joke that people need a Pintervention (a Pinterest intervention) to break their Pinterest habit. People are hosting Pinning parties. When people get on the site, they don’t bounce like they do other spammy sites. They sit – for HOURS – pinning stuff and following people and going through ALL their boards. They make up “Pinterest” words like “Pinjavu” for “Didn’t I see that on Pinterest?”

The design makes it look like you have a pinboard – and it’s colorful and viral because it encourages you to “repin” other people’s stuff, which is then shown to THEIR followers on Pinterest and in other places. It’s a mix of pictures and videos that lead to the original blogs or websites”

Okay, now that you know what it is and what it is about, so how do you use it to create a brand for yourself across the internet? Again, I am not going to try to put this in my own words, but refer you to Tiffany Dow’s $1 WSO, and mind you, this is not an affiliate link, nor are there any OTOs or upsells. Once you grab this report located at http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-…ideos-pdf.html, you’re going to know exactly how to make a brand name for yourself, and make money – in an ethical way!

However, strictly from a social marketing point of view in using Pinterest as a cash cow, there’s another report that is a hot selling WSo, and people are falling all over themselves to get a copy of it. Like I said, this report located at http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-…ited-time.html is from an internet marketer’s point of view on using this social network to make a lot of money. What this report teaches may probably work, and work well mind you, but there’s one main thing that it lacks in it’s teachings, methods, and tactics – ETHICS!

From my experience, anything that lacks ethics usually doesn’t be around long, but before it goes, it ruins things for a lot of good and well meaning people. Now I would like to think that NicheMozers are ethical people and market with ethics rather than put money before anything else without regard of what it may do to others whom are well meaning people.

However, on the other hand, I do realize that there are people here, just like any other internet marketing forum – who really need the money for whatever reasons. Although, I do hope that being a NicheMozer, you do use ethics in your marketing practices in your quest for making money online, and achieving your financial goals.

Let me ask you this. Would you rather make a few thousands right now and be labelled a scammer for years to come, or would you rather market ethically and maybe make hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions in the coming years? In life, most times you have options, and the outcome of the path you choose depends on whether you follow your heart, or look towards your bank account.

The choice is now yours… quick hundreds or thousands right now without regard to anything else, or slow hundreds of thousands or millions with pride and ethics?

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