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RSS Is Good For You Here Is Why

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a process by which the news aggregators “out there in cyber-land, collect data as it is published and sends it to one location for others to pick up and read. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the simple explanation.

As valuable as this service is, not enough websites take advantage of it, and more’s the pity because it can do a whole lot of good for anyone’s website. You really should consider adding RSS feeds to your site. Here are some points to ponder:

1. Instantly themed content
Your SEO efforts require using the right keyword in your website content. Some RSS feeds are niche-specific and if this matches your niche, you have the benefit of all those keywords being automatically added to your site.
2. Freshly updated content
RSS feeds use a “last in, first out” methodology to their process. By this we mean that when a new article or post is added to the feed, the earliest one in the list is dropped. This prevents a massive build up of articles, obviously. But it also means the content that is posted to your site is always fresh.
3. Triggers more frequent spidering
Webmasters actually “train” the search engines on how often to visit and crawl their sites. If you post infrequently, the spiders will only come infrequently. RSS feeds post daily, so the search engines will eventually catch on to that pattern and follow suit.
4. Better search engine ranking
Quality content delivered daily is ideal to the search engines. This means they will see your site favorably and reward you by giving you a higher placement in the SERPs.

Why Does This Work So Well?
Search engines developed algorithms that held in secret and not divulged to anyone. But after years of observation, a few things are very clear. The search engines likes fresh content. However, not every webmaster is dedicated enough or otherwise able to provide fresh content on a daily basis. RSS is the answer to that dilemma.

Search engines also value tightly themed websites. Instead of being a general blog about everything, the search engines would rather you built separate sites for separate subjects. RSS feeds can provide the exact content needed for each topic, and will remain on that target indefinitely.

But what is really great about RSS feeds is that they are FREE. Does it get any better than this?

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