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Some Website Design Tips

What are the layout secrets of the professionals? As a webmaster, this is a more important issue than you think, at first. After all, there are a lot of factor going into running a successful online business. How can a little thing like website design be such a big deal?

The professionals know that design is vital. When a visitor first arrives on your site, what he sees is going to have a serious effect on him, one way or the other. You have certainly heard it said that you only have one chance to make a good impression, Well, your website design is that one chance.

When your visitor gets to your site, if his eyes are assaulted by what he sees, he will click that back button faster than you can imagine. So, let’s discuss a few design concepts.

Old school and retro is out. Remember the good old days of the early Internet? Everyone seemed to feel the need to center everything on the page. It was one long scrolling bore-fest. Never center everything.

You must master using contrast to your benefit. We cannot stress enough how important this is. If you want your visitor’s eyes to travel the entire page, you must make some elements pop out from others. We’re talking good use of colors, elements, size, things of that nature. If everything is one size and one color, you know what’s going to happen: bye-bye, Mr. Visitor. Bye, bye, profits.

Make your site memorable. Or at least, make it look different from everyone else’s. Cookie cutter cites that use the same templates and colors and images will bore your visitor. He’s seen it all before, why should he bother with yet another site that looks like a million others. If the site looks like any other site, what does that say about the content?

Do not fill every last living inch of your site with something. White space is your friend. Repeat that to yourself every time you think you need to fill a gap. Well-organized and tight formatting is one thing. Cluttered and claustrophobic equals annoyed, short-lived visitors.

If you use video on your site, we really recommend that you not allow it to start up by itself when the visitor arrives. There are numerous reasons why this is super annoying, but let’s just leave it to the fact that most people who have a problem with it, won’t just turn their speakers off. They will go away and never come back. Problems with autostart vids are often about sound volume. If your visitor is trying to maintain quiet while surfing, your blast of audio is most unwelcome. So give your visitor the option of putting on headphones first before he, himself, decides to watch.

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