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The #2 Worst Thing You Can Ever Do As An Affiliate Marketer

Howdy all.

Wanted to touch bases with you again on affiliate marketing. Although only a few, or maybe many will agree with me, this is based on my personal feelings and experiences as both an affiliate marketer and as a buyer of affiliate promoted products.

You notice the title states the #2 worst thing? Well before moving on, what do you think the #1 worst thing you could ever do as an affiliate marketer? I already know what is #1 in my mind, but I’m not going to put it here until later after taking a look at what you think it is.

Okay, moving on, let’s talk about the #2 worst thing you could ever do as an affiliate marketer. Ready for this? It’s called using canned promotion. To me, basically any promotional content, ads, or aids produced by the creator of a product is considered canned promotion.

You probably get tons of emails all saying the same exact thing when the next shiney new button is released, and available for sale. You know the ones that say “my friend, my pal, or my buddy” – when none of these people know each other from Adam. The they gone on, all using the same exact words written by the product creator. What gets me the most is when they all use the same sales letter.

Now I know it is preached that as a product creator, you should make it easy for affiliates to promote your product by creating squeeze pages, articles, ads, graphics, and so forth for them, but at the same time, I persnally feel that it hurts affiliates. First of all, most doing affiliate marketing are lazy. Too lazy in fact to be original or creative in their marketing efforts. That is why when a new product comes out, your email is bombarded with duplicate content.

It has always been agreed that word of mouth advertising is the best. So think of affiliate marketing in the same way as word of mouth advertising. Now would you call your friend and use someone else’ exact words to tell them about the best place to get a steak at that you discovered? No, you wouldn’t? You’d put it in your own words based on your own personal experiences with the location, staff, time it took to get served, taste, price, and everything else would be put into your own words, not what the steakhouse advertises.

The same should hold true for affiliate marketing, especially when it comes down to salesletters. Write your own salesletters, write your own ads, write your own reviews, reports, articles, or what have you based on your own personal experiences. That also mean you should honestly have personal experience with the product, and the way you do thins is to actually buy and use it yourself. Yes I know review copies of a product may be available, and I see people begging for them all the time, especially in the warrior forum.

However, if you get something for free, how can you honestly evaluate if it is well worth the asking price when you didn’t spend anything out of your pocket on it? You need to do everything within in your power to stand out from the rest of your many competitors and convince potential customers what they should buy through your affiliate link. That does not mean stacking a lot of bonuses on top that don’t even enhance or have anything to do with the actual product – in order to give it a more perceived value.

The products you promote as an affiliate marketer should stand on their own merits. When you personally invest in ownership and use of products, you can honestly write prototional material that is unique, and stands out from the “me too” crowd. And guess what? this will also help in your ranking – original content!

For instance, if you google NicheMoz, right on page one of google results, out of over 3,600 results, you will of course find NicheMoz itself sitting at the top, but below it in the top ten results of page one, you will find both of my promotions for NicheMoz that were written months ago. Now what if this had been a product I promoted as an affiliate? think I would be making sales? You darn tooting I would, and I do make sales using this same method of originally created content based on personal experience and use.

Avoid the #2 worst thing you can ever do as an affiliate marketer! Instead of using canned promotional affiliate material and content, and writing in your own words based on your personal experience, use, and investment, you can cash in on affiliate products for weeks, months, and in some cases, for years to come for your one time efforts.

Be original, stand out from the crowd of “me too”, outsell your competitors, get better ranking, and make long term income from affiliate marketing from one time efforts.

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