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The Case For Transparency


The Internet can be a pretty scary place for first-timers. Horror stories abound about the rip-offs and scams that have happened. Ignorance of how things work in cyber-land has also lead to distrust being the first thing people feel when confronted with something new, like an anonymous website trying to sell them something.

In an anonymous world, how much more difficult is it to build a trust relationship with a potential new customer? Plenty! There is no opportunity to personally welcome your customers face to face, or to shake their hands as you could in the brick-and-mortar world. The owner of the average website is pretty much invisible.

It requires finding a way to become visible to the cyber world. When you become accessible, when you become “visible” to a potential customer, you can begin in earnest to develop that all-necessary trust relationship. The easiest way to make yourself visible on the Internet is to become active in the forums that are related to your niche.

A forum in your niche is a place where people looking for information in said niche get together and talk to each other via, basically, a message board. It is community space, usually free to join, You probably did some of your niche research in these same forums. Now is the time to make yourself visible by joining and participating.

Of course, if you didn’t do any forum research when you were choosing your niche, now is the time. You find the specific forums in your niche by going to a search engine and typing, “niche keyword forum” into the query box, where “niche keyword” is your niche. In other words, if your niche is toddler potty training, you will type in “toddler potty training forum” into the search engine query box. If you do not get the desired results, or if you are looking for more forums, use your LSI related keywords in the search string.

By making yourself visible in the forums and actively participating in the conversations there, you make yourself a credible and trustworthy authority in your field. By answering people’s questions and finding relevant conversations to add your .02 in, other’s will begin to see you as a competent source that can be trusted.

In other words, you humanize both yourself and your website. Instead of being an invisible website owner trying to sell something, you become a real person who has real answers, which is what most people want when they are looking to buy something, anyway. People like transparency so making the act of making yourself visible goes a long way with people because they know you made the choice to become completely visible when, by their way of thinking, you did not have to.

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