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Michael has been involved in sales since 1966 when he started selling seeds from thebacks of comic books. Since then he's sold cars, radio advertising, insurance, truck driving school, food, books door to door, and electronic equipment. Michael started marketing on the internet in January of 2003 and has been pretty much a full time marketer ever since selling all type of goods and services. He and his wife have a cookbook online at Createspace.com; The Hillbilly Cookbook - Authentic recipes from the Old South; Holiday Edition. You can find it at https://www.createspace.com/3700986 .

The Three Keys to Success – Part One

internet marketing successHello Dear Reader,

You probably don’t realize it, especially these days with all the information overload that most people have to deal with,  there are only three things that will determine success or failure online, or otherwise. It’s not that no one is interested, or they don’t care…it’s just that in all the hoopla and “Buy
my product and you’ll get rich!”, the message has gotten lost.

Here’s the real deal. Buying products will NOT make you rich and successful! There, I’ve said it, and I’ll stick by it. As much as I want you to buy my products (as great as they are, lol) buying a product will not bring you the success you crave.

Information in itself is just that – information, and the possession of information is useless in and by itself. Millions of people buy information products every year and are no better off than they were to start with because they’ve either lost sight of the purpose of buying products, or were never really told the purpose up front.

Here’s a few things that success is NOT about…

Success is not about information, or marketing stuff. It’s not about a huge list, although a list is part of the formula. It’s not about traffic, even though you need traffic to make sales. It’s not about joint ventures or affiliate prorams or viral marketing, or developing new products, although all these things are part of a successful business. Success is a product of the application of three things only, and here they are.

You ready? The first ingredient in the success formula is… education!

No matter what you venture to do, you must be educated. No matter if you’re gonna be a doctor, or lawyer, or if you’re gonna run a cash register at your local grocery store, you have to know how to do the job. You must have the knowledge, training and experience to do the job properly. The same thing applies to running an online business.

It’s true that you can make a lot of money quickly by doing certain things, to build a business that will sustain you for life takes time and the learning of a wide variety of things. On top of that, education is a continual process. It never stops if you want to be truly successful. I’ve been marketing online for almost ten years as I write this, and I learn new stuff every day. Know this to be the absolute truth – there is no job or career that does not require education and training.

So, why do people think internet marketing is any different? One reason being that high powered copywriters like myself have convinced people that making money on the internet is so easy it doesn’t require learning how to do it. The truth is, marketing on the internet changes almost daily, and you have to stay on top of it. No doubt, what you learn today will be different within six months so it takes an onging educational process to keep up.

So, what are you supposed to do if it’s the outlook is that bleak?

First of all, don’t buy everthing that comes through your inbox. Buy a select few products from marketers you trust and not only read them, but totally consume them. Print them out, read them over and over, learn them to the point that the information contained inside becomes your knowledge.

One last thing, don’t make the mistake of simply learning HOW to do something, learn WHY you’re doing it. Learn why things work. WHY people respond in certain ways. Learn WHY salesletters work the way they do. Once you learn WHY you can rule the world!

That’s it for this session. Check back for Part two coming soon.

To your success,

Michael Worthington


Michael Worthington is a full time internet marketer and has been selling goods and services online since 2003. To get access to a free 14 day video course on how to build a working internet business using free or mostly free resources, go to

http://theaffiliaterx.com /14day

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