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Michael has been involved in sales since 1966 when he started selling seeds from thebacks of comic books. Since then he's sold cars, radio advertising, insurance, truck driving school, food, books door to door, and electronic equipment. Michael started marketing on the internet in January of 2003 and has been pretty much a full time marketer ever since selling all type of goods and services. He and his wife have a cookbook online at Createspace.com; The Hillbilly Cookbook - Authentic recipes from the Old South; Holiday Edition. You can find it at https://www.createspace.com/3700986 .

The Three Keys to Success – Part Three

internet marketing successWelcome back, Dear Reader,  to day three of the success series.

The third and final ingredient to the success formula is the simplest to do, but pretty much the hardest part for people to carry out. The third ingredient is to simply get off your a$$ and do something! It amazes me how many times I’ve seen people ask for help on forums and actually get good advice, but never follow through on it.

I’ve seen people advertise courses on forums like John Reese’s Traffic Secrets – claiming they were brand new; never been opened, for a fraction of the 2 grand they paid for it. One time at a seminar in Orlando, FL, I watched a guy make at least 4 trips to the back of the room to buy 2 and 3 THOUSAND dollar courses. All in all, I bet he spent at least $15,000 that weekend on training, and I’d lay odds that once he got home with them, they got put on a shelf where they stayed. Maybe one of them got opened and gone through a little bit before it too ended up on the shelf with the rest.

The reason there are no more successful internet marketers is because the majority of people who come online are hooked on the idea of making a ton of money, but when it comes to doing what has to be done to make it, it’s too much like work. Then they want to blame the “guru” for selling them bad information. The truth is, and you probably won’t believe it, but until one gets to the point where they are making a substantial income online, there’s no need for high dollar courses like Traffic Secrets, or Butterfly Marketing, or some of the other high priced programs being offered online. Why? Because they’re not ready for them. These courses offer good information; specialized information that if you don’t have the basic marketing principle down, are worthless to you.

Just like football or basketball, if you don’t have a mastery of the fundamentals, all the trick moves in the world won’t help you win a game and it’s the same way in marketing. There are certain things you have to know – and do – and if you don’t have that, no amount of $3,000 courses is going to help you because you’ll be lost. The information will be over your head. So, concentrate on learning the basics; the fundamentals, and above all, put what you learn to use.

That’s the key to it all.

A person who learns one new thing and rushes to put that one thing into practice has a much better chance of being successful than the one who tries to learn it all before they do anything with it. Nike never said “Just Learn It!” and man didn’t walk on the moon by just dreaming about it. Even the lucky jerks that win the lottery have to walk into the store and buy the ticket. 🙂 Keep this in mind. There are many different ways of making money on the internet, and there are many different action steps to the various parts of marketing, but it all boils down to just three things:

Get educated – Learn the fundamentals

Get some personalized help

Apply what you’ve learned as quickly and as massively as you can.

Those three keys are the sum total of what you need to be successful online and if you apply those three keys faithfully, I guarantee you’ll be successful. You can’t lose!

To your success,

Michael Worthington


Michael Worthington is a full time internet marketer and has been selling goods and services online since 2003. To get access to a free 14 day video course that will walk you step by step from choosing a niche and a product, then promote the product using free or mostly free resources go to: http://theaffiliaterx.com/14day

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