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The Under-Appreciated Money Maker – Make Money From YouTube


If you are trying to make money online then the most common and obvious way to do that is with a website, and if you have a website the this gives you a platform through which you can communicate with an audience. At first this will be something you can sell to companies who can benefit from the exposure you can get them, but subsequently you might use this yourself to sell a product, or you might simply sell the site.

However something that you might not have considered in all cases is how much a video can help you to earn money quickly online – whether you use it simply to promote your website, or whether you use it to earn money directly. Here we will look at how to do this.

How a Video Can Make You Money

First of all let’s look at how a video can make you money. Well just like a website a video or channel on YouTube gives you access to an audience and gives you authority – and this is something you can utilize in exactly the same ways. You can make money directly by becoming a partner with Google which will mean you get a cut of the advertising placed on your videos. Make enough videos over long enough a period of time and Google will eventually contact you with an offer – as long as you haven’t breached any of their copyright laws in the past.

Alternatively you can use your YouTube channel in order to promote your other things. For instance you might use your videos to promote your website which you can do simply by placing a link in the description of the video. This can get you a huge number of clicks if you channel is successful, but at the same time it will also help you to gain better PR and to increase the ranking of your website in Google. Alternatively you can use YouTube videos to sell an e-book and this is something many people use YouTube for.

Finally you might sell this exposure in the same way you can on a website – by either building a popular channel then selling it, or by taking sponsorship money and promoting a company’s product on your channel/doing reviews.

How to Make a Successful Video/Channel

The hugely successful YouTube videos are the one that are viral hits. There are many ways you can make a viral video, and here one of the best strategies is to try and make a video that will be funny. Comedy is a tricky and a subjective matter, but if you have a good idea for a joke that you could make into a video it’s worth a try.

Easier to emulate are the viral videos that simply demonstrate a lot of time or money has been spent. You can do something amazing by simply taking hundreds of takes at it – for instance you can throw a ball into a glass from miles away or seemingly make impossible basketball hoops. Or if you’re willing to invest you can make a video that’s just spectacular in its scale – why not release or burst a hundred balloons all at once?

Or to make a popular channel, and this is generally much easier, you can do something regular like reviewing games or gadgets, or doing tutorials on fitness. If you are charismatic and if your videos are genuinely entertaining and interesting, then you will gradually gain subscribers and this will leave you with a very powerful new asset.

John Russell is passionate blogger and work as freelance technical writer. Recently while finding webshosting for blog he failed to find satisfactory web hosting reviews online, so he decided to start hosting reviews blog.

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  1. It is extremely hard to make a video go viral, but this is def. a great marketing strategy, I’m going to have one of my clients try it! thanks!

    April 26, 2012 at 1:19 pm Reply
    • Social media is taking off! Whoever is not taking advantage of it will be left behind.

      May 25, 2012 at 7:50 pm Reply

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