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Think Outside the Box When Marketing Physical Products

Want to get an edge and beat out much of your competition when it comes to marketing physical products such as those in eBay and Amazon? You can, if you think outside the box. all it takes is looking at the same thing everyone else is trying to sell, and looking at it differently. Do not just look at it for what it is commonly called, look at it for what it does.

Study it’s size, color, uses, shape, materials, etc… Re-phrase the common term for what it is known by using synonymous words. Then presto, you have something that captures the attention and interest in what could normally be an uninteresting item… thereby making it a more desirable and salable product.

Do you think you can sell a rubber band for $5! the chances of you doing that are slim to none. However, could you give away a latex binder system, that can bind up to 100 loose documents in a snap, and needs no electricity or batteries – for only $5 shipping and handling? Hey, after all, isn’t that what a rubber band actually is, and does?

So the answer to that last question would be a big YES, and I know of a fellow out of South Bend, IN who has actually done it quite successfully. Sure, people were pissed at what they initially received, but all were happily pleased by the new marketing technique/method which they learned in the process after it was explained to them.

You see, in his ad, he simply thought outside the box and marketed something so simple as a rubber band based on what it was made out of, and what it’s functions was.

Let’s take a look at some other otherwise boring products and see how can we make them more exciting and appealing products that are saleable.

1. Lamp Shade = Illumination Brilliancy Shroud.

2. Coaster = Beverage Condensation Refraining Device.

3. Bed Pillow = Slumbering Cranial Support System.

4. Mirror = Picturesque Self-Imagery Reflector.

These are but a few examples of thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing physical products. However it should give you an idea of the vast ways you can describe nearly everything… with a little imagination.

Think you can put this marketing concept to work for you?

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