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Titles Should Catch The Attention Of The Reader

If you cannot get your potential reader past the first line of your article—past the title—then you are wasting your time. You have about 10 seconds to draw them in. If they are not captivated by the title of your article they are not going to click the link to read more. All that hard work you did goes right down the drain.

It really is a case of judging a book by its cover. In this case, they are judging your article by its title. If your title is boring or lacks the ability to intrigue the reader, then you have no reader. It’s a shame that people do this, but they really do tend to judge something by the very first impression it makes upon them.

In the offline world, people might be tempted to go ahead and read more, even if the “cover” of what they are looking at might not be that appealing. It’s in their hands, so it stands a better chance of getting read. In the virtual world, however, their fingers are poised on the mouse to move and click away a lot easier.

The thing about online reading is that the visitor did not arrive there by chance. Far from it. He was searching for something specific. Your article was not just laying around somewhere. It was the end result of a specific search for information. Now, given many choices, your reader has a decision to make. Your title is the only clue he is given as to how well your article might answer his questions.

In his search, he probably went to a search engine and typed some relevant words into the search query box. Try to get inside your reader’s mind and figure out what those words might have been. Those words—the keywords—are the golden words that you must include in your title.

You can use a keyword tool to find good keywords, too. By typing in a seed keyword (or keyword phrase) into the keyword tool program, it will deliver to you another ideas for keywords and, most importantly, how many people, on average, search with those terms on a monthly basis.

A keyword rich title will be favored by the search engines for placement. A title that has the searcher’s terms will be chosen to read. That’s the big secret to article marketing, let no one tell you otherwise.

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