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Part of article marketing involves copious amounts of writing. Before all is said and done, the average article marketer will have written thousands, if not millions of words. Filling out at topic that is pertinent to his or her niche, the writer must constantly do battle with the writer’s block fairy. It happens to all of us. Eventually, we feel like we have run out of ways to say something, particularly when we write about the same thing much of the time.

The scope if this article is too small to cover the entire process, so we are just going to cover the writing of titles in this post. Other posts will cover other areas of circumventing writer’s block.

Sometimes deciding on what to title your articles is like pulling teeth. Every once in awhile, you just run up against a wall and cannot seem to come up with a great title. Great titles are absolutely necessary for a couple of reasons. One, it must contain the keyword you are targeting as this makes for good SEO. And second, you only have about 3 seconds to capture a potential reader’s attention, so the right title is imperative.

We have some block-breaker ideas here that might help you get past that block.
1. If you write a lot about the same topic, be absolutely sure your titles are varied. Your readers are looking and if they see something that seems familiar, they will turn away. So rephrase your titles.
2. It is not absolutely necessary to use a power word in every title. Spell numbers out instead of using the number itself. Don’t use numbers at all. Not every article has to follow the rules exactly to the tee.
3. Take your working title to the search engines and see how others are writing about the same topic. Note the different ways they write; what tenses are they using, what styles? Sometimes just reading through other people’s titles is enough to inspire you. Never copy their titles en toto, of course, that might lead to a duplicate content or plagiarism issue.
4. Give your readers specifics. “Tips For Your Next Automobile Purchase” can be written as, “6 Tried and True Tips To Buy Your Next Car” or, “6 Car Purchase Tips The Salesmen Don’t Want You To Know.” Be adding specifics to a generic title, you tantalize the reader.

It may take some time and practice for you to be able to break your block, but after awhile, you will develop tricks to help. Sometimes just getting up and walking around the room or out on the sidewalk helps. Fresh air will always refresh the mind. Try writing the article without a title. Perhaps one will suggest itself as you write. Or try some writing exercises. Sometimes, rewriting your own work will get the block fairy to depart. In any case, what you need to do is get your mind moving forward again.

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