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Two Answers To The Question Where Are The Best Places To Guest Blog

Looking around in ask.com, I noticed the question – where are the best places to guest blog had been asked quite a few times. So I thought I’d give two answers to that question. First of all, it is no secret that guest blogging can drive traffic to your web sites or blogs, help you create brand and authority for yourself, encourage joint venture partnering, and generate sales – when done correctly. This article is written to give you a few tips on doing just that, and how to get the most from guest blogging at NicheMoz.com, Nichebang,com, and other sites for your own benefit.

At the time of this writing, NicheMoz is enjoying a PR2, and NicheBang is enjoying a PR1 ranking – and both are steadily climbing in ranking. So, as you can see, both of these are great places to start your guest blogging.

Guest blogging at NicheMoz and/or NicheBang offers you an above average opportunity to help you accomplish everything mentioned above. I say above average opportunity because unlike many places where you are allowed to guest blog, Kevin and Maggie will allow you to have a link of your choice within your post or article. They also allow you to include a link of your choice in your author bio, or resource box. The links do not have to be the same, and as far as I know, they can even be an affiliate or CPA offer links – as long as they are pertinent to your content and are helpful to the readers.

Another thing about guest blogging at NicheMoz, and/or NicheBang is the fact that unlike many others, they do not require your articles or blog posts to be a minimum of 500 or more words. Instead, your articles or posts need only to be 400 or more words.

Now let’s discuss what the title of this article is about – getting the most out of your guest blogging. I am going to throw in a few tips from another internet marketer whom I have much respect for – Kim Roach!

Once Kevin or Maggie have accepted and published your articles or blog posts, that is not the end of it. There are some things you should do yourself after publication that are going to benefit you greatly. One of those things should be to tell others about your article or blog post publication. Go into your social circles like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, delicious, and other social networks you have friends and connections on, and let them know about your post or article publication. It would also be helpful to visit sites like yahoo answers, ask.com, and niche forums to search for questions being asked that can be answered by your article or post.

This will further help in establishing you as an authority and brand building for yourself. Often when other blog, site, or forum owners see this, they too may want to use your articles or posts on their mediums – which will give you greater exposure, open up  more opportunities for joint ventures, build a targeted subscriber list, and bring in more potential sales for you.

A very important thing that Kim Roach says to do is to monitor your article or post after it is published, and answer or respond to all comments made on it, and questions asked. This shows that you really do care about helping others as well as provide a great value – rather than to just be doing it for the extra traffic, exposure, and other benefits derived. After all, you need to remember that blogging is a social activity, so it needs to have that caring and human interaction.

Kim further advises – “Plus, it’s also a great way to show your gratitude for being given the opportunity to guest post. Always remember that every commenter is potentially a new connection, new reader, or a new fan. So it’s in your best interest to engage with as many readers as possible.
Above all, remember that at the end of the day, this is all about relationships – real connections and interactions. You have to care about your readers MORE than you care about the money. Otherwise, you’ve already lost the game.”

Now here’s something else that I have done every once in awhile that Kim does on a regular basis. Personally, I need to practice doing it more often myself, and you should too, or start doing it if you haven’t done it before. What is that?  Well, in addition to responding to those who comment on your post or article, send out a few personalized emails to some of your favorite comment makers. It’s such a simple little thoughtful thing to do, but it’s also one of the fastest ways to create raving fans!

There are many other things you could do like republishing your articles or posts on your own sites, google +1 them when they appear in the searches, use fiverr to cheaply have traffic and visitors sent to them, and so much more you could do that would go a long ways. However, I wanted to keep this short and simple, as well as get your mind reeling with other things you can do when guest blogging correctly that can drive traffic to your web sites or blogs, help create brand and authority for yourself, encourage joint venture partnering, and generate sales.

In closing I’d like to add this one thing. Even though you should be doing guest blogging for reasons already mentioned other than just to get extra traffic and visitors – once the traffic and visitors do start rolling into your blogs, you can use this WordPress application to virtually guarantee that your visitors will bring you even more traffic and profits than you would ever expect.

Live long, and prosper in good health!

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