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Using Multimedia To Your Benefit

Now that you’ve begun developing an online presence, it’s important that you keep up with the latest advertising methods. Why? The Internet is changing every day and people are finding new ways to bring attention to their websites all the time. With this in mind, if you are not also following suit, you are do nothing more than leaving money on a table for someone else to grab. You won’t be running a business for very long of you keep that up! Let’s look at some of the trends happening today.

Banner ads were very popular for a very long time, and you still see them in use today. However, as people became immune to them, their effectivity declined. The latest advertising method today is streaming media. Have you ever arrived on a website to have video or audio automatically start up? That is the gist of streaming media. Even media that can be turned on and off by the visitor is the same and is better than banner ads, since most people will turn on the stream just out of curiosity.

The Internet company, Hostcentric Streaming Media informs that when listening or watching streaming media when it is for purely content purposes, webmasters enjoy a 70% participation by their visitors. When it is for advertising purposes that number drops to 60%. But amazingly, the buy rate when using streaming media on a website is 50%.

This substantiates the recommendation to expand one’s marketing tools to include multimedia streaming on your website. It would be money lost, not to do so.

When a site does not have video or audio. it is stark and almost exactly like every other site out there. If a visitor arrives and finds what he thinks is the same old thing he can find elsewhere, he will leave all too soon. Streaming video or audio recaptures their attention and you once again have a chance to develop a loyal repeat customer.

We are told that it takes an average of seven times of being exposed to the same message before a website visitor becomes a buyer. Video and audio cuts that response time at least in half, In video or audio, if you are sincere in your recording, the visitor will know it and will believe you. This will turn a visitor into a buyer. Scams are around every corner it seems and Internet surfers are savvy to that now. Customers will appreciate a real person speaking in a real voice, whether in audio or video.

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