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Ruth Rogers is an internet marketer that also enjoys assignment writing, internet marketing and search for other fun methods to bring huge traffic to web sites.

Using Social Media to Optimize Your Traffic

If you are looking for ways to ramp up your rankings, you need to know how to increase your leverage in social media. If you do not increase your social reach as well as increase your rankings, you will have a very difficult time in reaching new potential customers. You will soon have a dying business without raising your SEO in social media, since it is such a fast growing way that people communicate with each other, sometimes on a constant, continual basis. If you don’t have accounts on the popular social platforms, get them now!

Growing Your Social Exposure:

  • On all of your social profiles, make certain that your profiles are SEO optimized. Short, sweet and to the point with nothing flowery to distract your readers is best. You need this to brand yourself as well.  Use web monitoring to help make sure your profiles are always up and running.
  • Keep track of your content that is shared and all of your dealings with social media. If you do not know what is going on, you won’t know what is working or how to improve upon what isn’t working.
  • Make it clear where your sources of content are coming from.
  • Know when to share your content. Doing so at the wrong time or place could be devastating
  • Make a group where people can review and share in private about subjects you are testing out to perhaps use in the future. You can talk to others in the industry and get more ideas.
  • Figure out what your top industry accounts in social media are and develop relationships with them.
  • Encourage your followers on all your social accounts to share your posts with others to spread them around.
  • Use your different social accounts to help each other. Promote the weaker ones with the stronger ones.
  • Widen your reach across every social platform possible; don’t just lock yourself into a couple like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Be sociable with others! Don’t be all business, but have fun and interact with others in your industry.

How to Search with Social Media

  • Use your social media accounts to figure out what people are talking about and what is trending.
  • Use the world of social media to target the audience you want.
  • Find a topic that doesn’t have anything written about it. You have good potential using a topic like this to build on something else.
  • Make sure that all of your content is credited to you as the author. This will help to brand you and your business and draw the search engines back to you.
  • Make your ability to share maximized.
  • Make your sites set up to log in with social accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. This increases your chance of being seen and makes sharing seamless.
  • Decide early on your logo and/or slogan. This will brand you and mark your existence so you are always recognizable.
  • Share for others as well. Other people want to have their site shared as well, so doing so for them will likely get them to do it for you.
  • Use your email to your advantage, inviting people to join you through their Linkedin accounts to share and join groups.
  • Make it a point to use Google’s +1. They are promoting this more and more, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes even more popular.

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