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Website Design Tips

Website Design

Website Design

Pictures are pretty and animated graphics can be cute, even funny, but they are not the reasons why people visit websites. Videos may be wildly entertaining, but your visitors’ main purpose is to find the information they seek and if you want them to ever come back, that’s exactly what you need to give them.

Unless your site is strictly for the purpose of providing funny moments for your visitors (like Lolcats.com, in which case, keep up the good work ), the only thing that is going to attract more visitors—and the search engine spiders—is quality content. And the only thing that is going to bring the money, is return visitors. Return visitors have invested their time in your site, make it worth their while.

So, what would make a visitor return again and again? Rock solid information that is updated frequently for your visitors’ benefit. Premium quality content is the only thing your visitors and the search engines are going to respect enough to return for. They will want to return if they come to realize that you will provide them with exactly what theya re looking for.

Here are some guidelines that will help you get and keep things on track:

Flash, animation and too many graphics are distracting. Keep your layout simple and easy on the eye. Give them what they came for and don’t lead them astray. A stray visitor can slip away far too easily.

You only have a few seconds to capture and keep your visitors attention. Your headline has to make a huge impact, so it carried the bulk of the job of getting and keeping your visitors attention.

You must speak plain to your visitors, using good grammar and good spelling. Don’t be concerned about using big words, just make it easy to read. Speak plainly, but always speak correctly.

The article itself needs to be easy to read. I don’t mean the spelling and grammar as above, but, literally, the layout of the article. Don’t write your content in one big paragraph. Break it up into several paragraphs, 5 to 8 paragraphs consisting of 4 to 5 sentences is plenty. This layout makes it easy for your reader to get through.

Update the website on a regular and frequent basis. Not only will you train the search engines to come by your website frequently, but also your loyal readers. They must come to know that you provide great information on a regular basis.

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